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Idaho Parking Lots = DEMOLITION DERBY

I've been around the country, and nowhere has parking lots as hazardous to your health as Idaho.

In California and other states, people still cut corners in parking lots, but there seems to be a little more etiquette when doing it.  Unwritten rules, watching out for others, etc.  In Idaho, it's a free for all.

The best part of it is the attitude.  A car may jump out in front of you but *you're* the asshole who isn't paying attention.

So you can more accurately see what I mean, here is a diagram:

The pathway in red shows a driver who just doesn't give a shit.  They ninja their way between two other cars, go the wrong way, all for the best spot possible.  If you get in their way, you're going to either get hit or get yelled at.

One of my friends was actually hit in a parking lot by one of those idiots.  It turned out he was an insurance agent, and they are somehow never at fault.  My friend's insurance claim was denied because Mr. Agent worked at the same company.

So if you're ever in Idaho, be VERY wary in the parking lots.  Especially the Fred Meyer lot in Idaho Falls.  It's the epicenter of dumbassery in this town.

Drive safe!
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