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The Fun of Naughty (from Danielle)

Halloween Nurse Sexy Costume

It's October and Halloween is creeping up quick. Time for Halloween parties and a guy's favorite eye candy (no pun indented!): sexy, revealing costumes. Attend any Halloween party in a night club or corner bar and you'll see a sea of naughty nurses and frisky schoolgirls. The naughty costumes are super popular because deep inside every woman has a naughty streak just waiting to explode.

Time to take the naughtiness to another level, we're talking kinky sex toys play in the bedroom. Don't worry, it's nothing too freaky, your grandmother won't totally spin in her grave. The tip coming is the silent sex toy, the one that's most often made fun of in movies and television shows. Think “Me, Myself and Irene” for example. We're talking naughty fun with a dildo.

Classy shops sell dildos meaning they are more socially acceptable to use in the bedroom then in decades past. Check out a family run sex shop that features a nice collection without naked women or anything smutty. It's amazing how they made dildos look so classy, so you can get an idea of what's available.

Many couples would not consider the dildo, they would go straight to a vibrator instead. There are a few reasons why dildos are a good choice. Yes they don't vibrate but the form can be very realistic, if there was to be a motor placed inside (think realistic vibrator) them this affects the realistic qualities of the material. She will notice a firm bulge inside the shaft so it takes away from the true to life experience. The point concluding here is that dildos will always feel more real then vibrator. Look at examples of realistic models here especially the style that's crafted from UR3, it's a real marvel of human imitation and perhaps even quite creepy with how real it looks.

Next feature to adore is how it's entirely waterproof, even though many vibes are, the little “O” ring covering the bottom case tends to let water seep in therefore using a vibe in the bathtub is never advised whereas your friendly fake penis can come into the tub with you allowing you to fully act out a very naughty sexual fantasy. Play together under the water, further instructions are not required as it would take this lesson deep into X rated category, but you get the point!

Thinking of these two qualities it's easy to reconsider this rubber phallic mold and know it's easy to play kinky in a more versatile way.  So when you're on your way home after the adult Halloween party and in a horny mood after seeing all those sexy ladies teasing you to no end, make sure to have a unmarked white box at your bedside ready to act out the frisky feelings inside with your personal naughty nurse!

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