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Don't Fear The Yellow

Red means stop.

Green means go.

Yellow?  It all depends.  In California, it means GOGOGOQUICKHURRYBEFOREITTURNSRED, but in Idaho it means SLAM ON YOUR FUCKING BRAKES.

In the last week, I have almost rear-ended four people who see the light turn yellow and have to stop immediately.

Some are approaching the intersection and just don't want to rusk running the red light.  Ok, fine.  I understand that.  But if you're going 40 and are 5 feet from entering the intersection, a yellow light does not mean slam on your brakes like there's a kitten in the road.

This is how accidents happen, people.  The law states the person rear-ending is at fault in a collision, but it wouldn't surprise me if most of these accidents in town are by idiots who are afraid of a yellow light.

The best part of all is the weather.  We are at the 'below-freezing' level at night now, which means snow (and ice) on the roads is just around the corner.

Crash-capades, anyone?

I'm just glad I have good brakes and good insurance.  Because in this town, it's like people are trying to get hit...
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Youngman Brown said...

My favorite is how mad people get when someone doesn't turn during a yellow arrow, because the standard has become to keep driving thrrough the red for three seconds after the yellow arrow has disappeared.

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