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Brad Pitt: I Can't Believe It's Not Old Spice

Have you seen the new Old Spice Chanel No 5 commercial, starring Brad Pitt?

Oh wait, this is the wrong picture...

...I get Fabio and Brad Pitt confused these days...

(but can you blame me??)

The commercial is featured on man-heavy slots, during football and on Spike TV.  It features Brad rambling about nonsense, and then...

"Chanel Number Five... Inevitable..."


I find these commercials boring and confusing.  Beautiful women sell Chanel to women, but why Brad Pitt, why on man-focused times, and why be dull?

My main problems of this commercial include:

- Brad's confusing dialogue.  "I am, therefore I am.  Bananagrams.  Plethora is a fun word to say, as well as bulbous..."

- A perfume for women, but an ad directed toward men.  Why are you playing a commercial for women's perfume during football and during Repo Games?  If you're targeting the female demographic, you're doing it wrong...

- Chanel's use of hashtags.  '#Chanel No. 5' does not work as a hashtag.  You only get #Chanel if you do it that way.  Who is your social media manager?  They need to be fucked with a cactus...

Lastly, Brad:

He's not even relevant anymore.  He's Angelina Jolie's bitch, and the babysitter for 12 adopted kids.  He's a 90's icon, but it's now 2012...  Maybe Chanel's budget ain't what it used to be??

I'm enjoying the many spoofs popping up on the internet and on SNL.  Here's an example from Funny or Die:

What do you think?  Is this commercial 15 years past it's prime, or does this make you want to buy some overly-used, overly-expensive perfume?
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3 witty retorts:

YoungmanBrown said...

It is so dumb, but I bet it is what most commercials will look like in 2020... kinda like how dumb those Calvin Klein commercials looked a decade+ ago.

Ellen at Defenestrated Feet said...

Wow. That is a terrible commercial.

Do you know what's an awesome yet creepy commercial? This one.

Ellen at Defenestrated Feet said...

Darn, it ate my link. Here:

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