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American Vintage Hard Tea - A Taste of Summer

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a representative from American Vintage Hard Tea.  They finally have distribution in my area and were looking for bloggers to test and review their product.

Free booze?  I'm in.

Their bio had a quote that really grabbed me.  "High Fructose Corn Syrup and 10-syllable flavor names aren't for us."  I drink their 'twisted' competition from time to time, and have never been a fan of polysyllabic nonsense in drinks (or food, for that matter).

Remember the Breyers Ice Cream Commercials from the 80's?  Yeah, it's like that.

I received the package last week; One can of each flavor.  The Hard Tea comes in 'With Lemon' and 'Half 'n Half' (half lemon, half tea).

I tried the Half 'n Half first.  I could smell the tea as I opened the can, and it actually smelled like fresh tea.  The other teas in the market smell more like dirty water (and taste the part too) but this smelled like the real deal.  Half-lemon was a bit too much, as it tasted more like a Mike's Hard Lemonade than a tea.  I could still smell the tea, but it didn't come out in the flavoring very well.

The /w Lemon was more up my alley.  I love tea, and I could taste it well in this can.  The hint of lemon and the light sweetness (with cane sugar, not that artificial junk) was a perfect blend.

That orange can won it for me.  It tasted like summer, and is probably going to make me try and squeak out one more turn at the barbecue before it gets too cold (already below-freezing at night... brrrrrrrr).

I'll be buying a 6-pack later this week.  If you'd like to try it, go to their facebook page and see where you can get it in your local area.  Especially if you're still in warm weather... enjoy the summer before it fades like it has in Idaho.
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