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25 Days...

Yes, people, 25 more days.

25 days until election day, one guy wins, we have four years of mediocrity, and half the nation grumbles "if MY guy won, we'd be much better off!"

If Obama wins, conservatives will stop at nothing to block any legislation he passes, whether or not they agree with it.

If Romney wins, alcohol gets banned and we all have to wear magical underpants.

I know, I know, that's not actually Mitt's policy, but what is?  Time for specifics, Mittens, especially 3 weeks from election day.

Mitt still has a strong chance of winning this.  If he starts giving details and starts having opinions, it will either win him or lose him this election.

But at least we will know where he stands on issues.  I refuse to vote for a guy who says "we're going to make everything better!" without saying how.

25 days.  25 days until my Facebook can go back to normal, and you see a political rant once in a blue moon.  25 days where my hardcore left-and-right friends don't shun me for making fun of their candidates.
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Thank, Q said...

I just hate that the debates are over. They seemed to get better each week.

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