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Columbus Day Confusion

Today in the US, we celebrate the voyage Christopher Columbus made over 500 years ago.

An Italian man tried to sail to India and landed in The Bahamas.

...USA!  USA!  USA!

Confused?  So am I...

Yes, he helped discover 'the new world' for Europe, leading to conquest and the eventual founding of The United States, but come on, a holiday?

Columbus was a dumbass.  When he died at 54 he still thought he landed in Eastern Asia, so in fact, he didn't 'discover' shit.

Also on the dumbass list are a handful of my neighbors who are flying their American flags today.  There is nothing patriotic about this holiday, so unfurling a flag makes no sense at all...

Google's autofill shows me exactly how educated some people are, thinking Christopher Columbus discovered america or landed in america...

Yes, Trinidad is a part of 'North America' but we don't fly a North American flag, do we?  This isn't a national thing, so why is it a national holiday?

Because we're 'Murrica, dammit...

...and that's how we roll.
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