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The Book of Idaho - Book One: In the Beginning

After much anticipation (mostly by me), my eBook "The Book of Idaho" is finally here and ready for mass consumption.

You can download it for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, phone or any other e-reader on Smashwords for $1.99

Included in the book is the best of the best for My Own Private Idaho - Year One.  You'll get 21 posts covering:

- About the Author (where you get to learn a little more about me)
- Life in Idaho (all the fun stuff, I promise)
- MORMONS!!!  (!!!!!)
- Funny Idaho Laws (and what happens when I break some of them)
- and, of course, General Silliness

If you've been following this blog for a while now, some of these will be 'oldies but goodies.'  If you haven't read all 520+ of my posts, odds are you're going to find some new (and enjoyable) material in here.

Either way, it's great summer reading, and a great way to share some humor and light-heartedness with friends and family.

Go now! 

...and thank you for your love and support.
Please Share it! :)

16 witty retorts:

Sweety Darlin said...

Not to mention he does some pimping for people that got some cool gear!

*clears throat*

Maybe me?!?!

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Just made my purchase.

Brandon Lostinidaho said...

You got some cool gear?

Brandon Lostinidaho said...


Lady Estrogen said...

Sweeeet ;) Nice job, homie.

Out of Barnes said...

Braden, bought your book and it left me wanting more. Hope you will be coming out with a second addition soon.

Thank, Q said...

I see my name! I see my name! Congrats on being an author, B! If Snooki can do it, then I know you can be a best-seller! I'll look for your name on the USA Today's Best-Seller List any day now! I will get myself a copy as soon as I get home!

Pish Posh said...

Way to go Brandon and good luck!!

The Simple Dude said...

Big congrats... we're moving in about 8 days and once I get settled I'm buying.

No, that a $1.99 purchase would not ruin the closing on our house. And no the e-book would not add any weight to all the other crap we're moving.

But that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. And when I do buy it, I'll do some pimping for you over at my place.


Melanie said...

Will be purchasing in the next week!

Crack You Whip said...

I'll be downloading my copy in the next day or two. (I'm lazy). Can't wait!

G said...

Great idea for a I look forward to downloading a copy :)

Brandon Lostinidaho said...

@OOB: I was planning on only doing one edition a year, but I may change that....

squatlo said...

B, I'll have my lovely (and dangerous) wife download a copy to her Kindle this afternoon!

Look forward to having some snark on that little device that didn't come out of some corporate publishing house!!! said...

Way to go B...I can't wait to read it!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Yea, so I don't have an iPad or Kindle or anything really techno. I'm still sittin in the dark ages here! :/

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