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Know Your Neighbor: Mormons vs Jack Mormons

Living in the epicenter of the LDS world, I often blog about Mormons and my experiences with them.

I'm here to say to you, today, not all Mormons are bad.  Some are actually quite cool, and I'm happy to say I have made friends with a small handful of them while living in Idaho.

But most of them are considered to be Jack Mormons (or, at least, that's what they call themselves...).  What does this mean, you may ask?

Jack Mormons are still believers of Joseph Smith and his teachings, but think of them like "Christmas" Christians.  The observe what they like, but ignore a lot.  They may not go to church regularly.

The ones I am friends with drink coffee.  And booze.  And curse liberally.   Some smoke.

Some popular mentions of Jack Mormons in the press include Chelsea Handler, Ryan Gosling, and 2012 Republican Candidate (for a while) Jon Huntsman.  Famous blogger Dooce is also reportedly in the Jack camp (though she describes herself as a recovering Mormon), as are the Mormons who made controversial calendars such as Hot Mormon Muffins and/or Men on a Mission.

The term Jack Mormon can also be used to describe non-mormons who sympathize with the LDS Church.  Sympathize is a vague term, which could easily mean "hasn't burned down a temple (yet)."  In that case, I guess I am one too....  for now.

Mormons still get a bad rap from a good number of people, and in some circles are still referred to as a "cult."  Whether they are or not isn't the point.

(...but if there were a cult-meter, they would be less cultish than Scientologists and the Hale-Bopp crew, but slightly more cultish then Jehovah's Witnesses and Anonymous...)

What is the point, however, is with all cultures and religious circles, there are decent people, indifferent people, and just plain jerks.  I know many assholes who are Atheist, Baptist, Black, White, Gay, Straight or disabled in some way.  I also know of a few Mormon assholes (and have blogged about some) but also know of some cool ones as well.  Some are "jacked" some are not.

Long story short, people are people.  Some let their faith/culture define them, some do not.  Jack Mormons are in the 'do not' category, and are ok by me.

And honestly, I like the term.  Instead of 'half-assed' I'm going to start using 'jack.'  For example: Jack-sex, for when she isn't in the mood but doesn't say no.

....thoughts?  Think it'll catch on?
Please Share it! :)

18 witty retorts:

Pickleope said...

Isn't "Jack-sex" just a euphemism for masturbation?
Why "Jack" anyway?
It sounds like a convenient way to support but distance yourself from an actively bigoted organization. Same goes for Jack Catholics or any other Jack Hateful Organization.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I hate it when generalizations are made about a group of people. A few jokes here and there are fine of course lol... but no actual criticism.

Zombie said...

Those Mormons are just WAY too nice to be made fun of! lol.

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Right now I'm a Jack Wino. I'm trying only to indulge in the weekends. It's not nearly as fun as a full fledged wino but much better on the waist line.

Anonymous said...

I think Monday I might Jack-off at work. You know, use some PTO time and take a 1/2 day.

Bart said...

i'd try that beer, and September looks gay

Random Girl said...

I totally think "jack" will catch on. It sounds much better than half assed or makes you seem just slightly fringe instead of full on indifferent.

Haven said...

I'm a fan of the 'jack'. Well I sure jacked that project. See, it even works as a verb. Yeah, I can see this catching on.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Is Mr September called Jack?

The Simple Dude said...

I don't think we have a lot of Mormons on this part of the world.

We do have a lot of Jack Asses though. Some may even say that's a movement I have championed over the years.

Ellen Lloyd said...

Is there a term for a former Mormon who doesn't believe any of it, but goes to church occasionally and still fits into the culture a fair bit (no smoking, drinking, etc.)?

Does that fall under Jack Mormon as well, or no?

Brandon @ said...

I believe that would fall under the "Jack" realm. Just like Jack Christians that are bored on Sundays so they go to church to hang out...

Sweety Darlin said...

We own a Polygamy Porter Shirt that reads.... "Share it with the Wives" I LOVE their stuff! Only thing better is Five Points Bar and "Alcoholics serving Alcohlics since 1929" And yes Prohibition was still enacted in 1929!

Not Cake said...

Try being an alcohol and coffee drinking, tattooed, cursing, gay-rights supporting non-mormon in Salt Lake living in a quiet little neighborhood not far from Temple Square...the true epicenter of the LDS world

At least it is not as bad now as it was growing me, it sucked.

G said...

I could apply the term Jack to most of my life....but you're right people are people, good and bad

Pish Posh said...

Gives new meaning to Jack of all trades

And also naming your kid Jack - limits their future hopes?

Melanie said...

I like with it.

Carli said...

Ha! I really liked this post. Your description of Jack Mormons is the same as mine in this humorous post "How to be a Jack Mormon." Your readers might like it.

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