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Just In Time For A Drinking Holiday - The 'My Bar' App

I do product reviews from time to time, and some always feel a little more... forced... than others.

When given a chance to do a product review on a booze app became available, you know I had to jump at the chance.  And since St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, the timing couldn't be better.

The app is called My Bar, and is available for Androids only (for now.  Sorry, iPhoners).  It gives you a long list of drink recipes, but also manages your own personal bar for you.

And I *LOVE* this function.

The 'My Bar Shelf' area gives you a long list of ingredients to make drinks with (black pepper?) and you simply check what you have.

After looking though my liquor cabinet, I noticed I had a lot of options, but not many things that can go together.  I was full of "and coke" options (jack and coke, rum and coke, etc) but that was about it.  ...and I was out of coke.

After putting in the odd list of what I did have, it gave me a list of drinks I could make with what I had.

I can make a Bumbo!  (Sugar, Water, Rum and Cinnamon)

I can make a Jagertee!  (151, Hot Black Tea and Sugar)

I had never heard of either, so I tried both and liked both.  Thanks, My Bar!

The 'My Cocktails' function will also let you know which drinks you could make if you get 1 more ingredient.  Or 2.  So if you want a Mai Tai and aren't sure what you need to buy, this will tell you.

Check the components you have...

And My Bar will let you know what you can make.

While the library of drinks is large, it is a little incomplete.  One of my favorite drinks is a Caribou Lou (151, pineapple juice and coconut rum, made famous by Tech N9ne) and it can't be found on My Bar.  I'm sure the list will grow with every software update.

However, even though it doesn't do it all, it does do a lot.  Looking up drinks is easy, and for someone like me who always seems to end up as the bartender of the group, will come in handy on many occasions.

If I could make one recommendation (besides the larger library) I would ask for a 'notes from the bartender' option.  Bartending is 80% science and 20% art, and adding my own twist to a drink is always fun.

For example, if I'm making Hurricanes for my friends and add an ingredient on a whim, it can get wildly successful.  I'll want to remember what I did, so adding a 'note' function could be handy.

Easy to use Main Menu
Settings menu to customize...
A comprehensive list of cocktails
(The checkmark means you have everything to make it)

Want to know what ingredients make which drinks?
There's an app for that...  This app.

My Bar comes as a Free and Pro version (do the Pro, trust me) and is well worth the 99 cents.  Every drinking adult with a smartphone should have a 'bartender' app, and this is my favorite. 

Again, sorry iPhoners, but this app is only for android at the moment, in the newly renamed "Google Play" store.  If you'd like to pick up the app, simply scan the QR code here and go get it.

Wait, you don't have a QR scanner on your phone?  Ok, go here to download (and while you're at it, go download a QR scanner too...).
Please Share it! :)

13 witty retorts:

Anonymous said...

I. Need. That.

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Sure hope it tells you how to get a great tip. Like show lots of cleavage if you're a woman bartender or be a good listener if you're a male bartender.

Youngman Brown said...

For the first time in my life, I am super sad that I have an iPhone

meandmythinkingcap said...

Sounds interesting. me teetotaler, cooking app or French cuisine shall be better use for me.

Random Girl said...

This is handy for sure. I'm wait (impatiently) for the iPhone app...

Josie said...

Oh man. I'm glad you posted this a month before my 21st birthday so I can save up the 99 cents! Haha for real, though.

AccordingtoJewels said...

Um...everything about that is awesome and would be dangerous in my hands. Of course I must have it...damn me and my recent purchase of an iphone. Grr. said...

If I weren't pregnant, I'm sure I would be using this app right now.

Pickleope said...

Oh! An excuse to drink other than to forget. If I were pregnant, I'd totally be using this app right now. (Sorry, I had to.)

Anonymous said...

I like! Great review too. I'm sure Apple will get on this. Maybe if we complain enough...

D4 said...

Wishing I had an Android in 3... 2...

Bart said...

beer. only drink they need to have.

Emme Rogers said...

Thinking I'd get a bit of use out of that app.

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