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My Twisted Mother's Day Post Revisited

If you weren't following my blog this time last year, you probably aren't aware of the significance of this condom for Mother's Day.

Well, if you're willing to find out some fun, twisted information about my mom and why she's so badass, feel free to click here to go to last year's Mom's Day post.

Have a fun, safe, relaxing Mother's Day, everyone.
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3 witty retorts:

Sweety Darlin said...

I hadn't read the Mother's Day post last year, but I love the idea of Happy Mother's Day condoms! I need to buy some!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

on the way to check it out :)

Sheila said...

That was awesome. My kids think I'm still pretty cool too. They don't mind hearing anything about my escapades as long as I don't talk about their day and I together. I don't know what it is about it they don't want to hear. I mean we were married and all. But we have a lot of fun swapping stories. Oh yea, I've heard their stories for years so now its my turn, lol.

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