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Idaho Spotlight: The Teton Valley (and Pooh-Tater!)

Driving into Jackson Wyoming or Yellowstone from Eastern Idaho will take you within range of the Grand Teton Mountains.  This is a gorgeous mountain range and makes for some great pictures.

The name 'Grand Teton' is French for 'Large Teat.'  I find this interesting because the Tetons have 3 main peaks.

3 Tetons.... 3 Teats.... 3 Boobs... Is anyone else having a "Total Recall" flashback here?

Oh, and by the way, you find some interesting things when you google "3 boobs."  Just saying...  (don't click that link if you're at work.  If it's safe, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!  HAHAHAHA)

Ok ok ok, back to topic.

During the drive, you will pass a small Drive-In theater between the towns of Driggs and Victor.  It's called... The Spud.

In front of The Spud is a flatbed truck with a giant potato on it:

And while the truck is named "Old Murphy" it looks more like Red from the Cars movies.

Hiding in Old Murphy is an odd tater that looks like he's trying to drive.  Or just peek at passers by...

Taters, precious?
While not as tater-tastic as the Potato Museum in Blackfoot, The Spud offers potato-themed art such as Pooh-Tater.

...yes.  I said Pooh-Tater.  If you took Winnie the Pooh and cross-bred him with a Russet, you'd get this abomination.

And look!  Not one but two!  Two potential copyright infringement issues for Disney to laugh about!

While these towns aren't very big (Driggs = pop. 1,100, Victor = pop. 1,928) there are some nice shops, bistros and bars to check out in the area.  I highly recommend the Alpine Wines Bistro off main street.  Great soups, great wine selection, and top-notch service!

If you're heading into Yellowstone through Idaho, give Teton Valley a look.  You'll miss it if you blink, but if you stop and enjoy the area, you will be mildly amused in more ways than one.

Oh, and tell Pooh-Tater that I sent ya!
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15 witty retorts:

Workingdan said...

The mountain range should be renamed to 3 titty mountain!

The spud seems to have quite a liking to all things Disney! Could be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Because, you know, Disney is so broke!

Pickleope said...

Pooh tater sounds like the worst vegetarian dish. When I hear "three boobs" I think of Married with Children when Al Bundy says that the perfect woman would have three boobs, two in front, and one on the back for dancing.

Mynx said...

Do you think they added the eyes to the truck after the disney movie came out?

Love places with daggy themes and odd statues

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Oh my GAWD, true Americana fo' sho!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous picture! Did you take it? (on my phone, can't tell). As much as I want to travel overseas I also really want to hit all the national parks. I almost took my summer vacation to Jackson a few years ago. Might need to look into that again!

Zombie said...

only in Idaho would there be a tater museum. lol.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

That's awesome!!! I'm with Zombie though ;) and if I'm ever out that way, definitely stopping to check out the 3 boobs!

Lady Estrogen said...

I can't get passed that video. Why isn't she famous like the 3-eyed fish on the Simpsons?!
Whatta waste. said...

I'm with Lady E. Everything after the vid was a blur.

Anyway, I call bullshit on her. I think she added the third one surgically. She went from shy about her three boobs to full blown hardcore porn way too fast for her to be anything less than a pro.

AccordingtoJewels said...

Mountains, potatoes, and porn where chicks have three tits...quite the post you put together here. The things you find amaze me sometimes. lol

Dating for Professionals said...

Hahaha, nice places! Funny sights) Good job-you make me smile!))

Random Girl said...

Wow, there really is a market for everything! I guess it's just one way of working with the assets you are given.

Katsidhe said...

From now on they shall be the Marlena Mountains (that was the three titted chick in "Total Recall" right?) and when/if I ever drive by I will speak like Ah-nold the entire time.

My poor driving companion...

Thank, Q said...


Dude, The Mrs. and I were looking at that video like WTF!!!???? Yeah, the history lesson of the mountains with cleavage is cool, but the chick with 3 titties will give me nightmares! She could have at least had one in the back for convenience if you're doggy styling her.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I clicked on that link. That woman. I can't get the image out of my mind.

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