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Key Influencer or Major Asshat? The Klout vs Klouchebag Debate

As a blogger and social media whore, I try to extend my reach as much as I can without being too much of an ass.

(on that note, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+)

One slice of the internet that monitors your influence on others (and their influence on you) is Klout.  Klout will look at your Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media sites and will gauge (on a scale from 1-100) how influential you are.

For example, my Klout profile says I'm a 49.  Top influential topics include:




and (of course) Mormons.

People can go to my Klout profile and give me a '+K' on things they think I'm influential on.  For example, I would love some +K on Cats and Business.  Just because.

It's a neat little tool.  Mostly pointless, sometimes annoying, but every now and then you can get a cool perk or two from it.

But... remember earlier in the post when I said "without being too much of an ass?"  Well, there's an internet tool that measures how much of a Twitter Douchebag you are...

Meet Klouchebag.  Like Klout, but instead of measuring how influential you are, it measures how annoying you are.

It measures your anger, misuse of the English language, Retweet abuse and social media spamming on twitter, and gives you a grade.  Also (I'm assuming) on a scale from 1-100.

In Klout, the higher the better.  In Klouchebag, the lower the better.

For example, here is my rating:

For comparison, here is Lady Estrogen:

Finally, here is celebrity annoyance and big-booty extraordinaire, Kim Kardashian:

What do you think about Klouchebag?  Feel free to check it out (if you have a Twitter account) and see how much of an ass you are.  Do you think this is accurate?  Are you above 50 on the douche-meter?  Feel free to share your score with the class, and we can all revel in our shame together.
Please Share it! :)

16 witty retorts:

Pickleope said...

I think they're missing something in their metrics because a simple retweet isn't bad, but if it's a retweet of someone mentioning him/her in a follow friday, that's more egregious. Anger's not bad, but if it's an angry @ reply with no basis (like people who tweet angrily at celebrities for no reason...and yes, making a joke is a good reason) then it should triple that score. It just seems there's a myriad of things they're missing.

Mooner Johnson said...

Brandini. I just checked myself out and I'm a 53.

Ya-hoo? Oh-no?

You and Lady E should never score close to me on anything as you are most always age-appropriate.

The Inet confuses me.

Zombie said...

Whaaaaa?? I am so checking out where I am on that thing!

Sweety Darlin said...

So I never even knew anything about what Klout was. I had seen it, but never even looked to figure it out, so today I go over there and after signing up and linking my stuff up it tells me I am a 36. I guess that is decent maybe.

On Klouchebag I am a 25. Again I don't think that is all that bad. So WHEW! Not a tool today!

A Beer for the Shower said...

I'm pretty low in the Klouchebag world - 22. Most of that is from anger. But I have to ask, how is anger measured? Because I don't post a lot of angry tweets, but I do swear a lot. Which, I should mention, has nothing to do with anger and has everything to do with bad parenting.

Brandon Lostinidaho said...

You know, I'm not fucking sure. Maybe their shitty anger scale only measures it on cursing, and they should eat a bag of dicks?

Anonymous said...

I'm on Klout and find it to be... ehh? I'm not sure I can put my finger on the word. I'm going to have to try Klouchebag though. Purely for shits and giggles. Unless it tells me I'm annoying, then I'll delete it with firey passion.

Lady Estrogen said...

And ya know, I've gone up to 38 over night! Fucking cock suckers.


AccordingtoJewels said...

I'm not a total douche! YAY! My Klout is 51 and my Klouchebag is 45. Phew. I was a bit nervous about that one, not gonna lie. I have none for anger which is nice but I do retweet a bit especially about blog posts.

I can handle being a bit of a douche but full on douchery would have sucked.

Vanessa said...

I'm only a 14 on Klouchebag. I'll have to put some effort into being a bigger dick.

the Tsaritsa said...

haha, I need to check out Klouchebag. I interviewed to work at Klout, but maybe asshattery's more my style...

The Management said...

Thank you for sharing this. I am going to use these rankings sites for work things.

StephanieC said...

I'm a 42!... on Klouchebag.

And apparently I am also quite angry. No surprises there, I suppose.

Brandon Lostinidaho said...

I feel I'm angrier than k-bag says I am...

@The Management: It never occurred to me yo use k-bag for business purposes. I can see the benefits for sure!!

The Beans said...

My Klouchebag score was 12 for "quite a nice person." On that note, I need to cut down on the re-tweets. :P

-Barb the French Bean

Al Penwasser said...

I got a frikkin' 18! 18! And 'quite a nice person'!! Man, those klouchebag douchebags can't possibly be from Iran or France. 'Quite a nice person"!!??
That's it. The puppy dies.

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