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My conservative friends are up in arms right now, stocking up on guns and preparing for the worst., it's not because of Obama's reelection 2 months ago, it's because he may be prepping for his campaign in 2016.

...wait, what?  A 3rd term?  You can't do that...

Chris Christie or John Candy?  You decide...
The Examiner published an article this weekend of a congressman's proposal, abolishing the 22nd amendment and removing term limits for Presidents.

It's a fun read.  Go ahead, read it and come back.  I'll wait.

The post mentions Rep. Serrano, a (gasp) Democrat also proposing this bill in 2009.  It was laughed at and shut down, just like this proposal will be laughed at and shut down.

But that's as far as they report.  It makes the article look like Serrano is just trying to help his Democratic brother stay in office indefinitely, right?

Not so fast, kemosabe.  Serrano has been a representative since 1989, and has proposed these 'Repeal Amendement 22' bills every new congress since 1997.

Every other year.  Including through the GW Bush administration.  He wants the amendement repealed and term limits gone, period.  He did it under the Clinton (D) administration, the GW Bush (R) administration as well as Obama's.

Democrat or not, I think Serrano is off-base.  He needs to propose term limits for all government service jobs, so we don't have comfy lifers in the House and Senate.  You know, the endless number of old coots (on BOTH SIDES of the aisle) that have been bought-out by special interests and lobbyists, that are slowing down our growth and adding to our woes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, our government and the US stagnation isn't a Democrat problem or a Republican problem, it's a political problem.

And shitty reporting from The Examiner and this post's author Angel Clark help perpetuate the stupidity and fear-mongering.  Good job in only showing the facts to make this seam like an 'Obama's out to git'cha' story, instead of reporting the whole truth.

This isn't about Obama secretly gunning for a 3rd term.  This is about one Representative who has been trying to repeal the 22nd amendment for 16 years, through Red and through Blue Presidents.

Good job, Examiner, for showing your bias again.  No complaining about media bias for you, since you're just as bad as the rest.
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