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Insane? Don't Commit a Crime in Idaho (or Utah, or Montana)

Yes, it's true.  Four states in the Union do not allow you to enter a plea of insanity if you commit a crime.

Kansas, Montana, Utah, and yep, Idaho.

Idaho removed the insanity plea from the equation back in 1982.  Even though it has been appealed countless times, the courts keep the decision in tact, arguing that it could open up a lot of frivolous defense pleas.

So... it's ok to fry a few crazies if it means people can't abuse the system...

I love the way this state thinks.

So if you're a little deranged, stay away from this part of the nation.  Idaho and surrounding states don't recognize insanity, probably because you can't see the forest through the trees.

Either that, or they just love the smell of Ol' Sparky....

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4 witty retorts:

Chubby Chatterbox said...

Does Idaho still use "Old Sparky?" I'd prefer a firing squad to the electric chair.

Tony Van Helsing said...

I have to say I kind of agree with them, I've seen so many people use mental illness as an excuse to act like twats.

Brea said...

As in Idaho resident who lives with mental illness everyday I think its a great idea. People who fake mental illness to get out of doing the time make me sick and give us crazies a bad name.

Kayjohnson said...

I hate Idaho ever since I had this Mormon boss. He is right out of his own planet for sure. He is a total Nazi. Has the kids stand and repeat his school creed. scary person. Got to get out of idaho and out of Mormon private education other wise known as South Centralpublic schools. Thesemormons can drive someone insane. crazy. Oh right no insane in idaho. Better practice my typing/ cursive lolololololo

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