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Dumb Idahoans - Man Shoots at Helicopter

In December, I wrote a post about guns and idiots.  I argued that some people just shouldn't have guns, because they're too irresponsible (or just plain stupid) to be trusted with a firearm.

I believe the majority of us US Citizens should have the right to own a firearm, but armed idiots scare me.  Responsible vs irresponsible gun ownership is the crux of my argument, and I think there are more irresponsible gun owners out there who are a danger to themselves and others.

Case in point, this story about an Idaho man who shot at a helicopter.  Apparently he was out hunting, and didn't like the helicopter interrupting his hunt.  Out of frustration, he fired at the chopper.

Sorry dude.  That's a felony, and felons can't own guns in the US.  Looks like you just lost your right to own a firearm... that is, when you get out of jail.  The man pleaded guilty and will be in prison for the next 4 to 8 years.

Luckily nobody was hurt, but this is a prime example of the dumbass rule.  If you're a dumbass, you shouldn't have grown-up things.  He proved his dumbassery and was punished accordingly.

Thanks for proving my theory.  I knew I could count on someone from Idaho to prove, once again, that some people just shouldn't have guns.
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5 witty retorts:

Tony Van Helsing said...

Bruce Willis is always shooting at helicopters and driving cars at them and stuff but nobody minds when he does it.

Brandon from said...

I thought Joseph Gordon Levitt took offense to that and tried to teach him a lesson?

Von said...

The paper also said that he had been drinking at the time. Drinking and guns = double dumbass dangerous fool.

Beverly said...

How do you prove that someone is a dumbass before they purchase or try to purchase a gun?

Thank, Q said...

Now that was just plain stupid. Why did he think that shooting at a helicopter was okay? I bet that they had cops waiting on him as soon as he exited the woods. They need to give a competency test for gun ownership.

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