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If I Throw Tantrums Like Chris Brown, Can I Get Away With Everything Too? #TeamBreezy

Oh, to be 23 again, and to be able to get away with murder...

Well, attempted murder, technically (and allegedly) but now we're just splitting hairs aren't we?

Unless you've been in a social media black hole, you have heard about Chris Brown's latest whiny-ass temper tantrum with Jenny Johnson, causing him to pull the bitch-card and delete his twitter ...again...

If you criticize him, he will call you a 'HOE' and threaten to shit/fart/shart in your eye. know, since he assumes that you want to suck his dick, even though you think he's a punk...

This isn't his first 'I'm not getting my way so FUCK YOU and I'M LEAVING' moment...

Good Morning America asks him some questions he doesn't like, and like a little bitch, he throws a fit.  He smashes a window and walks off the set.

I did that when I was six.  If you don't want to play by my rules, I'm taking my ball and going home.

When I was six, I admit, I was a selfish little punk.  Chris is 23 now, and still acting like a punk who needs a good slap from his mama.

Oh, but that's not all...

He starts talking shit in a club, and Canadian hip hop star Drake doesn't put up with shit.

...I'm still confused by this... there are black people in Canada??  (I kid, I kid)

But Chris' posse and Drake's posse end up in a scuffle, and Chris gets a cut from a bottle thrown at him (or in his direction).

What does he do?  Whines like a bitch, shows his twitter following how 'thug' he is by sporting his battle wound, and gets his 'team breezy' army to make death threats on Drake.

Just like they did to GMA...

And now Jenny Johnson...

Oh yeah, and then there's this.

Remember how many people asked "well did she deserve it?" or "what did she say that pissed him off?" when this happened?

Like any woman should be beaten like this?  EVER?

Oh, but we don't talk about that anymore.  She's forgiven him (classic domestic violence story where the woman stays loyal, *cough*) so it should be ok, right?

What I want to know is this:  What the fuck is wrong with Chris Brown?  Was he not raised right?  If not, not only does he need to be slapped but so do his parents.  At what point do you stop acting like a spoiled little punk and be a man?

A man respects others.  A man respects the person he is with.  He respects his peers.  He doesn't whine and cry when he doesn't get his way.

He respects, and then commands respect in return.

He does not tell people to suck his dick when criticized, or threatens to poo in a person's eye.  (I mean, if we could do that, imagine how much more fun a job performance review would be!)

And yet, he is still popular with teens, tweens and young adults.  Especially women.  He's still on the radio, and making millions.  WHAT.  THE FUCK.  I would love to see a radio-wide ban on him, and anyone else who falls under the 'rape / murder / domestic assault' category.  Can you say 'enabler?'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck called what Chris did to Jenny 'verbal rape.'  For one, I agree with her. (she's a loony one, but she's spot-on here)

Jenny, be glad he only verbally raped you.  If he was closer, he would have probably done to you what he did to Rihanna, and beat you within an inch of your life.

...and get away with it...

Because he whines and cries like a little punk when he doesn't get his way, and for some reason, society forgives him.

And Chris?  If we ever do meet, I have no problem saying this to your face.  If you don't want to hide behind your posse and don't like what I'm saying, come find me.

But I'm warning you... I fight back.
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Melanie said...

A-fricken-men. I am so tired of hearing about this guy. I like your ban idea.

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