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Veterans Day Confusion

November 11th is when the US celebrates Veteran's Day.  We honor those who served and remember those who have fallen...

...unless the holiday falls on a Sunday.  Then fuck that shit, we will celebrate on a Monday so we can get the day off...

Sadly in Idaho, this is how it happened this year.

Like most National holidays, people fly their flags on Veterans Day.  But on Sunday, the only person on my block flying his flag was my neighbor across the street.

He was out tending to his truck, so I walked over and asked him about it.  He said he's the only one on this block who doesn't use the "Lazy Patriot" service that goes around putting flags in your lawn for you, so you look like you care.  He has his own, and he posts his flag when he's supposed to.

He goes on to tell me that the Lazy Patriot service doesn't work on Sunday, which is why you don't see an ocean of flags in all the lawns.  "The only flags you'll see today will be from people who do it their damn selves..."

And sure enough, Monday morning the flags were out.  Now, when a National Holiday falls on a Sunday, the banks and other government agencies get Monday off.  I get that.  But does that mean we should all celebrate on a Monday instead?

The Lazy Patriot company thinks so, since he (like the rest of this town) refuses to work on a Sunday.

...they will put down flags for Columbus Day, which has nothing to do with the United States, yet they won't properly honor veterans if it's a Sunday??

If your holiday falls on a Sunday, Idaho will honor you later.  "Independence Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, fuck you.  We'll be at temple if you need us.  See you Monday."
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Itsa Monkeybutt said...

I think it's like that everywhere, if not then it's def like that here. Though they usually dedicate the whole friggn month. WE already have our Christmas lights hung in town ::face palm::

Josie Iraheta said...

I'd like to know what happened to flying your flag EVERY day, just because you're a God damn American. My dad has flown a flag in front of our house every day of my life that I can remember and he has a solar light that shines on it so you can see it at night. I plan on doing the same when I have a house. Our country might be in a huge mess right now and it's kind of falling apart at the seams, but I'm still proud to live here and not somewhere else.

Random Girl said...

We'll honor the heroes, at our convenience! Nice sentiment!

Powdered Toast Man said...

The gov't might as well take off Friday too and make it a four day weekend.

Michael G D'Agostino said...

We have the same thing in Australia for all our holidays. We take Monday off over the Easter break because a lot of people don't work on Sunday. And most public holidays that fall on a Sunday we do celebrate, but we take an extra day for on the Monday.

Al Penwasser said...

I flew my flag yesterday. I wasn't waiting for my Lazy Patriots.
They were too lazy to come out.

Chubby Chatterbox said...

I flew my flag, and proudly.

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