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Winter is Coming

It's a chilly 40 degrees in Eastern Idaho.  It has been raining on-and-off this weekend.

Two weeks ago, snow was falling.  Up to 4 feet in some places.

It's gone now, melted away, but one thing is clear:  Winter is coming.

This means good business for me, since I sell a lot of feed products and the grass is going away.

But it also means shoveling sidewalks, sliding cars and lots and lots of slippery situations.

Ice ice, baby...

This is the awkward time of year where it rains and snows and rains and snows.  When water freezes and melts and freezes and melts, it creates layers of ice on the street and the sidewalk.

It's tough enough just trudging through snow... Imagine snow on an ice skating rink.  One false move and *voop* you're on the floor.

This will be my third true Winter.  I'm acclimated enough, but I still don't like it.

Making things more interesting are potential career moves.  I'm casually entertaining three different job possibilities.  One will have me moving back into sunny Southern California, but the other two are still in the northern area of the US.

Actually, two of the three choices are even farther north than I currently am....

Idaho is bad enough in Wintertime.  If I'm even closer to the Canadian border, will I have to invest in a team of sled dogs?

I mean, it could be fun... commuting to work behind a dozen malamutes (and a giddy German Shepherd) but I think the parking spot may need to be a bit bigger...

I like having four seasons, but there are a lot of things I don't like about Winter, especially the 6 months of Winter Idaho has.  If I move farther north, it's just going to get colder.

What am I thinking?

At least there won't be as many Mormons...
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Lady Estrogen said...

It will be my 30-something-ish winter (I'm not an idiot, I am aware of my age, but have been overseas for some, etc. ;) and I'm still not ready for it. I wish there was a place where autumn lasted forever & I would thrive and be happy.

Out of Barnes said...

At least in Boise winters aren't as bad as they are in Idaho Falls, but the temperatures can get well below zero a few days out of the year. Every place has its share of weather issues.

Random Girl said...

If given the choice, always go warmer.

YoungmanBrown said...

I just finished reading "Winterdance" and the dogsled picture reminded me of it. A good book for you to read this winter!

Sean Jeffries said...

And here I thought St. Louis was the only place we had to deal with the ice/snow/ice/snow problem. I don't mind the cold but I could do without the frozen stuff. Our winter was very mild last year, hoping this one is too. Stay warm and keep the ice-melt handy!

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