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Shame On You - #DogShaming, #PetShaming and a New Way to Shame

Have you heard of Dog Shaming?

It's a fun new meme where you get to make fun of your dog by making it pose with an embarrassing sign.

Do an image search for 'dog shaming' on any search engine and you will find hilarious results, as well as a few websites dedicated to shaming.

If my dog wasn't such a spaz, I would take a few shaming pictures myself.  She eats used maxi pads, likes to steal my work samples (pet treats, toys, etc) and is just an all-around brat.

But unlike these other pets, she just won't stay still for a picture...

Of course, cat owners had to get in on this action too, so now you have 'Cat Shaming.'

The cats really don't seem to give a shit.  They're cats, after all...

But it made me wonder, why don't you see any other 'shaming' pictures out there?  Parakeet shaming? Llama shaming?

I decided to start a new genre for this game:

Boy shaming.  Ladies, when your man does something dumb, punish him by making a 'shame' picture and putting it on the internet.

But what's good for the goose... well with girl shaming as well...

I think it would be a fun way to help people break bad habits.  What do you think?  Have a husband who won't take out the trash?  Have a girlfriend who clips her toenails in bed?

Shame them!  And share the fun!
Please Share it! :)

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