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Christmas Music and Tard the Grumpycat

It's November 28th... not even December, and 5 radio stations in town are already blaring non-stop Christmas music.

(I can only listen to Elvis sing 'Blue Christmas' so many times, and I've already reached my quota.)

Stores are decked out, and have been for months.

I'm just now getting ready to be festive, but I've had 'the holiday season' shoved down my throat for so long already, I'm already getting grinchy.

Oh wait, the Grinch is so 20th century... so outdated.

Now, it's all about expressing yourself with internet memes.

My favorite for 'the most wonderful time of the year' is Tard, also known as 'grumpycat.'

Tard naturally looks like he's pissed off, and has recently become an internet sensation.  I took this template I found online and made a few Christmas-related rants.  Enjoy!

EVER.  The end.

Feel free to share this post, pin the photos, save/share on Facebook, etc.  I'm all about spreading some holiday cheer!  (and I use that term loosely...)

27 days left, dudes...
Please Share it! :)

10 witty retorts:

Natalee Wells Gressman said...

Don't know how I came across your blog, but let me help you out with some radio stations- Wild 101, 103.3 and 99.1 the Virus. No Christmas music.

Brandon from said...

Thanks. When I'm in the Boise area, those are the stations I like. However, I live in Eastern Idaho (Idaho Falls) so my choices are limited. That's what Pandora is for! :D

Insomniac's Dream said...

I'm absolutely, head over heels, starry eyed in love with Grumpy Cat. He makes me Squee. I will be sharing your photos onto my Grumpy Cat Pinterest board. Yes, I made him a board and I've got more followers there than FB, Twitter, and my blog combined.

I love these! Thanks for sharing.

WilyGuy said...

As in NEVER or just this year?

Jimmy said...

Just this year, I bet I heard it a million times in the past Ha Ha

Who Woulda Thought? said...

What the hell? A stupid cat that looks pissed off all the time goes viral before us, the greatest Dude bloggers known to man? I can see fuzzy kitty slippers in his future.

Jimmy said...

The Dogs barking Jingle Bells I am amazed to have not heard as of yet :)

WilyGuy said...

I might just have to pin the Xanax one.

I can totally relate to the frustration. Because Veterans Day and Thanksgiving aren't really commercial, stores want to get us into Christmas like sleezy guys want to get into girls' pants.

I'm ok with Christmas music starting after Thanksgiving and I can always change the station or put in a cd if I'm not feeling it. It should be within 2weeks before we hear the barking dogs song, though!

Love that cat.


ken said...

I had no idea that this grumpy cat even existed until today. Now I see him everywhere. Wonder how long until he gets his own TV, Christmas special?

Chubby Chatterbox said...

Very funny. I think many of us can sympathize with this sourpuss.

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