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Why Alexa Rankings May or May Not Be Important, But Why You Should Pay Attention Anyway


Page Rank.

Alexa Ranking.


You may have heard these terms from time to time, if you manage your own blog or website.  Many companies make a living telling you how to improve your Search Engine Optimization, your Alexa Ranking, and your pagerank in google searches.

If you do some research, some sites will tell you it's a waste of time.  Others will tell you your website's livelihood depends on your 'ranking.'

I can tell you this:  I run adspace on my site, and belong to a handful of 'review' and 'business' sites looking to post things on my site.  2 out of 3 interviews, I am asked "What is your Alexa Ranking?"

66.7% is enough of a percentage to get my attention...

Alexa is a metrics site that measures a website's popularity.  The lower your number, the better you are.

The #1 ranked website, according to Alexa?

Google, of course...

The more people that visit your site, the higher your Alexa ranking.  The more that link back to you, the higher your ranking.

In other words, a low score means high popularity.

On that note, where do I stand?

It changes daily, but here is a review of my site from Alexa, as of April 30th 2012:

Click to enlarge

Comparatively, Hyperbole and a Half is ranked in the 47,000's and has over 7,600 sites linking in.  I'm still fairly low on the totem pole, but I'm still withing the top 500,000 websites out there.

(I will let you know their numbers are a little off though.  It says I have 632 daily visitors and 788 daily pageviews, while the counters on my blogger dashboard are about 4-5 times higher, depending on the day...)

Alexa will also let you know a snapshot of your readership.  Demographics are king, especially to potential business partners...

Heavy female audience, aged 25-45.  How YOU doin???

And while Alexa has its flaws, it's still good ammunition to have on your side.  If you use your website as a business tool, people will ask where you rank.

So how can you improve your Alexa ranking?  Thanks to Stephanie at Crazy Beautiful Life, there are two main things you can do:

- Download the Alexa Toolbar and install on your browser.  This will add you to the demographic pool so they can measure your data.  This, in turn, will raise your ranking like it did mine.  Slowly, but any bit helps, right?

- Network network network.  Find other people that have signed up for Alexa accounts, and get them to write reviews about your site.  Be willing to write some reviews in return.  Mutual back-scratching will help the savvy surpass the slow.

These two tips have helped me manage my ranking, and will help you too.  If you run ads on your site, this will give you bragging rights (it's not the size that counts, but really, it is...).  If you contract through review sites like Business2Blogger, this will make your site more alluring to businesses.

Although some say you can't manipulate your own SEO or page ranking, others say you can.  Whether you can or cannot, you should at least know where you stand.

Where do YOU rank?  The results may surprise you...
Please Share it! :)

10 witty retorts:

Mynx said...

I am not sure if I understood any of this but as you and I have completely different goals in blogging I figure that I will survive not understanding.
But I am really happy that you are getting success with it

Ethan Thane said...

Wow, very interesting, I'll check it out. I've just started blogging and trying to understand the importance of SEO and such.

Do you also find a huge difference between your Blogger stats and Google Analytics?

Katsidhe said...

I'm 8,700,000? O_O And there's nothing for US I'm going to guess that's bad.

Seriously, is this thing accurate? Because 2m seems to the average of my friends' blogs, and we all blog-love back and forth so I can't believe that I'm so far below them.

Is it too early for Tequila?

Zombie said...

I'm gonna have to check this out! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :D

A Beer for the Shower said...

Man, I must be a real Internet noob to have never heard of Alexa rankings. Ours aren't bad, but like yours, they list numbers that conflict with our Google Analytics reports. Cool to see another tool to help expand the blog, though.

Also, re: today's comment, witty/snarky comments will still be around. We're just limiting the reading/commenting of our typical blogroll, which is huge. For friends, we'll always be around.

The Management said...

Your caption on that demographic screen shot made me laugh out loud.

in bed with married women said...

I think Alexi is so wrong, often, but it is entertaining. Like they claim that one of my top search terms is "is your anus stained by poo?" (i swear) then have business-like stats accompanying it, ala "'is your anus stained by poo?' is up 17% but "boobage" has suffered a 10% decline." like i'm going to be presenting these figures at the big board meeting.

Anonymous said...

very cool graphs

meandmythinkingcap said...

I remember seeing this Alexa from your ad bar but never knew. Sounds interesting. Will check it out.

Girlie Blogger said...

Cool post. I'm always learning about these ranking stuff.

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