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Doing the iPod Shuffle (FFFUUUUUU)

An act of goodwill turned into a frustrating time for me.

Recently during a flight, I found an iPod.

No joke.  Actually, it found me.

My laptop bag was under the seat in front of me, and when I was leaving the plane, I noticed a pair of headphones sticking out of my bag.  Somehow an iPod Nano fell out of someone's seat and slid into one of my bag's pockets.

It was exactly like mine, but a 5th generation instead of a 4th.  And mine was in my shirt pocket.  I now had 2 iPods.

I asked around before people exited, and nobody claimed it.  Score.

Fast forward a month later, when I'm riding around the middle of nowhere with my boss, listening to tunes and visiting customers.

He comments about my iPod, and my good taste in music.  Because I now have a 'spare' at home, I offer him my iPod.  He's never had one before, and he jumps at the chance.

I earn brownie points with my boss, and it doesn't hurt me one bit.  After the ride-along, I'll just go home and load up the new iPod with my tunes, right?


Somehow between my last sync and then, iTunes stopped working.  Something about a fatal error blah blah blah.

I uninstall and reinstall.


I uninstall all Apple products and reinstall.

It works.  FINALLY.

...but... all my settings, playlists, etc have been erased.

I have 22 gigs of songs, and now I get to sort them all out again.  Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical...


After a lot of work and staying up until 2am, I finally have a working iPod again.  Just in time too, since I'm hitting the road 4 hours later, and driving 7 hours into Northern Montana.

I may have a headache and am groggy because of little sleep, but at least I have some sick beats to listen to...
Please Share it! :)

15 witty retorts:

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Got my first ipod this year, I've been on a rebellion at upgrading to the worlds techno stuff these last few years :) I will say I still buy cds, because I don't trust the stupid ipod to work forever. It just doesn't make sense to me. I love it for when I run and all, of course I use it in the car. But I back up all my cds on burned copies as well. I still hate technology!!

Sweety Darlin said...

One day at fucking work, my crackberry the holder of all things personal says I want to update my stuff, and I say okay crackberry you are my friend and I want you to be happy, and the damn thing erases everything. I go home still pissed at it for its deleting ways and my computer says well it has been about 2 weeks since you back us up, and oh we didn't do the full back up then either we only did the update style, so you still don't have everything and you will look like a fool to all those people that you brag about your crack berry to and they will laugh and say "should have got an iPhone"

I know RIM is on its way out, but let's be honest a ton of crap on the iPhone started with Blackberry! They had apps for that before you knew what an app was! BITCHES!

Okay rant done, I love you crack berry you are my friend and don't you let all those other smart phones make you feel unwanted. You have a custom skin with shoes on it because I love you.

Pickleope said...

Isn't this how horror/thriller movies start? "He found an iPod on an airplane, all that was on it was static and the image of a blonde child without eyes. Suddenly, the child was in his house changing all his music settings and messing with his electronics....Aaaaahhh!"
I didn't say it was a good horror movie.

Leeanna Henderson said...

Yeah, Karma. She's a bitch.

meandmythinkingcap said...

Apple's vault is overflowing with money, did you think about suing them? Or how smart is your boss, borrow your iPod back and tell him that you want to load playboy app, he can't say no.
All the more any trick from MI series including the slipping the Mickey should do the trick?

The Management said...

That stinks. I've had my iTunes do that a few times, and each time I have the same reaction of staying up all night trying to re-make my favourite playlists... I never get them right though. And just as THOSE playlists become family members to me... it happens again. Grr.

Haven said...

I just found my iPod 5gen the other day! I was so excited! I thought it was gone forever.

Those things really need to have better sort and label functions. It's always so cumbersome and time consuming.

Anonymous said...

Score on the upgraded iPod! There is nothign more frustrating then re-catalouging all of my music. I'm got about 10GB and it's infuriating becasue I like everything to be properly labeled with Artist, title and album if possible.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

My eyes widened to an almost impossible size when I realized where this post was going...

I've lost my 1TB hard drive jam packed with music before (it was stolen, actually) so I know that feel.

Why don't you put a few tunes on the new one, tell your boss what happened, and switch them out? If he has a soul he'll agree.

Melanie said... head would have exploded without good music to listen to.

The Beans said...

Dagnabbit technological contraptions...

Still, it's pretty cool to hear how you found an iPod. :)

-Barb the French Bean

Anonymous said...

Haha, awesome post!

Crack You Whip said...

I store all of my music on my iphone. The less devices I have, the less I lose.

D4 said...

I did that with 50 gigs a few months ago. Painful is an understatement.

Thank, Q said...

I wondered how much music I actually owned after reading this and I think I'm around 30GB on my laptop. I may have more on my desktop, I dunno. I stopped actively collecting music six or seven years ago. I'll buy an MP3 now and then, but the last album I bought for myself was Shaggy's "HotShot." LOL! I guess the endless loop of songs on the radio along with Pandora allows me to not have to worry about purchasing music now.

Besides, when I'm out and about, I'm totally listening to my radio show, bro.

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