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Ordering Online When Redecorating Allows Flexibility

I am finally getting around to furnishing and redecorating my home office, and I am not really happy with the local selection of furniture and appliance stores.

But the good news is online ordering is getting easier and easier.  It allows me to shop for a wider variety instead of the limited selections local shops offer.

I am thinking of getting an ada under counter refrigerator for under my desk, so I can have access to drinks while working.  I spend about 5-6 hours daily on my laptop, so this could be extremely convenient...

I am also debating on whether or not I want to purchase a pre-made professional desk, or just build my own like I did with my girlfriend.  She liked what I did for her, and if I'm going to have a fridge in my desk, I may need to build it to spec.

The same website also has a paris living room chair chenile accent arm chair what would fit the layout and decor I'm going with...  This way when my gf comes to visit, or if I ever have a client over, my space is not only functional but appealing to the eye as well.

Lastly, I have a bed in there.  I debated putting it in storage to give me more room, but my nephew sleeps over from time to time, and I'd like to keep it (just in case I ever end up in the doghouse...).  Looking at duvet covers 86 x 86 I found a few I liked, but am unsure about the colors/styles.

If I'm going to do this, I want to make sure I'm ordering as much from the same site as possible.  Shipping can sneak up on you and make things expensive when ordering online, so I want to make sure I consolidate shipping costs whenever I can.

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