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Overwhelmed? Naw, just whelmed.

I'm gearing up for a blogging contest.  I'm going up against other bloggers, on a blog vs blog battle.

Readers read one of my 'best of' posts, and pit it against another blogger's 'best of.'  The people vote, and the majority-winner moves to the next round.

This is where I need your help.


I need a 'best of' list.

Here are my top 7 posts, in my opinion.  What I am asking you, oh loving followers, is to let me know what your fav 4 are.

Please comment and let me know.  I need a #1 thru #4, so I can tally and pick from there.  Since the people are voting in this contest, I want to here from the people what my best work is.

The list to choose from is:

Fun at Sonic
Idaho Bikini Bars
Coffee Culture Observations
Funny Valentine Cards
Batman, King of Credit Card Sales
My First Christmas in Idaho
Idaho and Meth

Let me know what your top 4 are.  If your favorite isn't on this list, write it in.  YOU are my audience, so I want to know what YOU like.

Can you smell....
With luck, I'll win.  And be crowned... THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION!!!
Please Share it! :)

26 witty retorts:

CandleintheDark said...

I wish I could help! Im drawing a blank on any good lists

Astronomy Pirate said...

I like Christmas, Sonic, Bikini Bars, and Batman, all in that order.

D4 said...

#1 Sonic (first one I thought of before even seeing the list)

#2 Bikini bars

#3 Coffee Culture

#4 Christmas

rinns said...

1 Idaho Bikini Bars
2 Coffee Culture Observations
3 My First Christmas in Idaho
4 Fun at Sonic

I think "fun at sonic" was the first post I read of yours, and all these others were brand new to me and I had a right ol giggle at all of them. It was hard to make a top 4!
Knee slappin good posts :D

Kelly said...

What the hell is The Rock smelling? Is he smelling:

A) A fellow wrestler's sweaty, stinkin' taint that he just rubbed up against during a match?


B) Some trailer trash princess' disease-ridden poon tang that came to watch the show?

My vote for your best blogs would definitely be #1 and the last three. Good luck, dude. Not that you need it. You can do it by talent, alone.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Coffee Culture Observations is number one for me. You can't argue with Space Ghost. Then Christmas, Bikini Bars and Sonic. Will this do?

~Fabi said...


Chris said...

When in doubt, always go with Bikini Bars.

Autumnforest said...

You didn't put it on the list but my #1 fav was:
1. Closed on Sundays
2. Fun @ Sonic
3. Idaho Bikini Bars
4. My first Xmas in Idaho

Honestly, as a CA boy, I just want to hear your hilarious take on being dropped on the moon, basically. That's how I feel about Phoenix after growing up in DC. It's still the old west in so many ways and so behind. Their priorities are whacked, although I guess you could say the same of CA since the priorities there are plastic surgery and, well, plastic surgery. hee hee

becca said...

good luck and sorry i liked them all so couldn't decide

Mike said...

1. Valentines cards

2. Fun at sonic

3. Christmas

4. Batman

Leila said...

HAHA I'm torn between your first Christmas tree and the valentine's post. The most hilarious two!

Leila said...

sorry i forgot to name the other two you need to complete your list of four: meth, bikini

kitkat said...

ooh had choice.
i liked the coffee culture observations one, the bikini bars, sonic and first xmas in idaho

Meghan Moran said...

I'm gonna go with

Anonymous said...

ARGH! I hate to be going against you because this stuff ROCKS MY SOCKS! May the better woMAN win :o)

THUNDERCAT832 said...

#1: fun at sonic
#2: bikini bars
#3: the coffee one
#4: Christmas in Idaho


@ TC & TOAR: I dunno, I'm asking the masses because I'm nervous. I've only been doing this since Mid-January! I don't have a lot of material to pull from!

And correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't you seen that poll? You two have way more love than I do (Including myself. I didn't vote for me...).

Falen... vote-wise, you're the one to beat... You're like the biggest baddest dude in prison. Gotta take you out if I don't want to become the bitch...

ScottD said...

Idaho bikini bars FTW!

Trapper said...

Sup Idaho! Just stopping bye to check out my favorite new blog!

G said...

Normally I have a rule that if the answer to the question isn't Women or Beer - then you're not asking the right question...

So by applying that rule my choice would be:-

Idaho Bikini Bar

However 'Fun at Sonic' does have one of my fave lines... "Strippers 200 miles away can sense a waving $20"

The Reckmonster said...

Okay, the eyeballs on "Idaho Bikini Bars" made me snort out loud! My second choice would be Sonic, then Coffee Culture and then Christmas. Those eyeballs though...can't get them out of my head! (NO, not that I have those kinds of eyeballs!! DOH! You know what I mean!)

Shutterbug said...

You should put up a poll...

I like sonic, coffee culture, bikini bars and the valentine cards.

Christophe said...

Haven't read them all, but Meth, Coffee Culture, and Sonic are three of my favorites. I can't really rank them, I'm sorry.

Joe Somebody said...

i dont think i smell what you are cooking.

Thank, Q said...

Wow, this was a great idea! Good job!

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