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Mixing Business With Pleasure

I have been working on and of for the past two weeks on a website.  I have done this before, on occasion.  I've freelanced as a web designer for local small businesses that want a web presence, and I know how to slap one together.

Why is this one any different than the others, you may ask?

This wasn't for a client.  This was for... my girlfriend.

Do what I say, or I'll KIIIILL YOOOU!!!

Granted, she's not an ax-wielding psychopath ALL the time, but this picture seems relevant at the moment.

(babe, don't kill me)

She is going through the process of turning a hobby into a career.  She's a damn-good scrapbooker, and a lot of people have told her she should do this professionally.

See what I mean?  Gorgeous.  And this isn't even her best work...

Over the last year, that thought has grown and grown, and now she has a website.  This Saturday will be her first craft fair, where she is going to sell her wares, and get her name out there for some custom-made stuff (custom, not pre-made, is where the REAL money is, but you have to start somewhere...)

Cards for Sale, along with pre-made books and other stuff.

Don't get me wrong.  I love that she's doing this.  If she can turn her passion into a paying gig, she'll be doing what she loves and making money from it.  Ultimately, that's what everyone wants.

But the website building... well, that was... a peach.  Let's just leave it at that.

When doing websites for a client, they're usually not that bright, web-wise.  So when you use a domain hosting site (I use iPage) and it comes with templates, you use whatever shortcuts you have.  I can do a half-assed job and they'd still be thrilled.

(And believe me, when I use only half my ass, it still looks good.  Full-ass websites are fantastic even if they ARE based from a pre-existing template!)

Not my girl.  She's as much of a geek as I am.  (I met her on WoW, enough said)

She knew the font, the layout, the color scheme, the slideshows, backlinks, crosslinks, etc. that she wanted.  She came with a list.  Which means not only did I need to bring my A-game, but I had to learn a few new things to give her what she wanted.  Thank goodness for Dreamweaver and it's many tutorials.

The design changed 3-4 times.  The color palette changed about as often.  Fonts were tricky.  And all the time, her show this Saturday was looming.  She had already printed business cards, and watermarks on all the books and cards, heralding her new site.

It HAD to be done on time.

Well, not just on time.  It needed to be done a week early, so she and her friends could test it out, and I can fix any problems/bugs they found.  (THAT list is already growing too...)

On a regular basis, I was reminded it needed to be done.

"Is it done yet?"

"You told me it was gonna be done 3 days ago."

"You KNOW I NEED it to be done ASAP, right??"

This was my face at about 7:30 Saturday night...
The good news is it's done.  She didn't kill me, I didn't kill her, and we have 5 more days for testing and such. She has her crack team of friends, relatives, and scrappy associates playing with it, so I'm sure I'll have plenty more to work on during the week.

So long story short, mixing business with pleasure was... an experience.  The good news is, if this show is successful, and she gets her name out there, it will be smooth sailing for her business plans from here on out.

After all, she has a website now!!
Please Share it! :)

24 witty retorts:

BlackLOG said...

Sounds like setting up a website for a loved one is a bit like teaching them to drive....Just don't do it...

Astronomy Pirate said...

At least she knew everything she wanted before hand. It's better then having someone come back to you ever couple of hours with a few new ideas and 'suggestions.' Sounds like a fun near-murderous project though, now you just need to provide support if anything breaks.

MacAttack said...

I know exactly how this experience must have felt, when I've done Graphic Design for people close to me..

Alphabeta said...

Lovely stuff.

Glad you both got it sorted without reverting to knife fights.

Best of luck to your girly.

THUNDERCAT832 said...

She is so hella cute!!!! (jealous!)
The scrap-book thing can work big time...WITH WEDDINGS! If she hasn't thought of that already! Scrapbooks are a kick ass idea for wedding parties and stuff!!

ScottD said...

just like building a computer for someone. Now forever everything will be your fault and you will be 24/7 tech support.

Autumnforest said...

Okay, it's official. You're the best boyfriend in the world! That was very very good of you.

D4 said...

Business with pleasure. Not often the wisest move.. but this instance looked acceptable. I'm sure the payoff will be better than the average! hehehe

Random Girl said...

That's a good boyfriend right there. I am sure you can think of a few ways for her to show you her appreciation when the site launch is a huge success. A happy girlfriend = a happy boyfriend. Good strategy!

PryON said...

Where's you get that drawing of me?
I DEMAND to know.

Choirchick22 said...

Linky? :) I wanna check out her site! She's super cute and an AMAZING scrapbooker! You're sweet for making her site for her.

lovebloggin said...

chick with an axe! awesome haha

Christophe said...

Awesome! Please share it with us when it's ready. :) I hope, for both your sakes, it gets off the ground and does really well.

elexerdelex said...

you did not get killed? thats like a good thing no?

DanielM said...

Nice scrapbook.

I've built simple websites for family members before and it has always been a pain for me.

Rob said...

I tend to avoid drawing or creating things for people close to me, every time I do though, similar events take place.

G said...

I salute your bravery...especially after seeing that axe!

Bassislv said...

lol, nice post

becca said...

aw how sweet of you to help her and wow to turn a hobby into a job she loves cool thinking. wish you both luck

kitkat said...

lool! mixing business with pleasure can be real tricky. glad u got it done without any hassles.
wish her all the best!!

A Beer for the Shower said...

You met her on WoW? I thought that never happened.

This reminds me a LOT of my fiance and I. We both play WoW, and yes, she's a killer scrapbooker/card maker as well. I've told her she should do it professionally, but she's dragging her feet. Maybe I need to show her this.

Best of luck to your girlfriend. I hope she does well!

Venus said...

good luck to your girlfriend with her business

On My Soapbox said...

You are one brave dude.

BTW, did she notice that the sharp end of the axe was aimed toward her head??

Anonymous said...


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