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Lost in a Halloween Corn Maze

I recently popped my 'corn maze' cherry, which is a regular Idaho thing to do apparently.

I made it 3 years before I gave in, and the only reason I did is because:

1 - My wife begged, and

2 - We had friends to come with us.

We did the 'married couple double date' thing, and arrived at the corn maze shortly after dusk.  There were 3 paths to choose from, and we basically picked the first entrance we found.

Into the corn we went...

...and we got lost...


We started cracking corny puns, and eventually started talking about corn porn.

Similar to this
When the corn jokes started getting groans, we decided to find an exit.  We were getting restless, more than one of us had to pee, and we were getting tired of hearing the teenage kids play "Marco Polo" in the corn.

So we cheated.

We cut through the 'don't cut through here' paths, in the direction toward the exit (or so we thought).  We swathed our own path, and ended up in a completely different maze.

Stuck again.  Lost again.

The lighter started to look tempting.

BUT WAIT, WE HAVE GPS!!  So we cheated again, and after 2 hours we found an edge.  Walked down the street.  Found our cars...

And went to a bar.
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