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I Belong

I'm back in Arizona, dotting every last I and crossing every last T on dad's stuff.  Closure is close at hand.

But I am also enjoying a little bit of family time while I'm down here.  A good majority of my dad's side is around here.  My grandparents migrated from California to Arizona, and the family followed.

The more I hang out with my relatives, the more I realize how much I fit in to this family.

I talk to the TV from time to time.  I retort commercials and banter during sports games.  Not nearly as bad as my dad, but I do.

Dad didn't do it nearly as bad as my Grandpa.  Hoo boy.  It's entertaining to see him scrutinize commercials and call people names during Wheel of Fortune.  It has diluted from generation to generation, but I laugh when thinking of my boys doing this as they grow older.

...not nearly as bad as I do... heh.

I also have a bad habit of unbuckling my seatbelt too early.  I pull on to the street when driving home, and I'm already getting ready to jump out the door.  Sometimes earlier.  I just noticed today one of my uncles does that too.  It made me smile.

And, of course, like dad I love me some claw machines.

We're also a stubborn bunch.  In different ways, but we all seem to do things our way.  And that's how it is.

I see these things more clearly now than I am an adult.  Either by nature or nurture, we all share similar habits.  Some more than others, but it's obvious when you see us all together.

I love my family.  I'm definitely not the mailman's lovechild.
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