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Xmas in July - I'm Already Thinking of Christmas Lights

In Idaho, most houses don't have air conditioning.  It's been in the 90's for weeks now, so I'm already longing for snow.  'Christmas in July' is dancing in the back of my head, so I've been toying around with thoughts of how I'm going to hang Christmas lights on my new house.

I haven't put up Christmas lights like these in ages... in fact, not since I was living with my parents.  With my ex wife, we were always in apartments.  With my current wife, we didn't like the last house we lived in.  It didn't deserve to be festooned...

But I like this house.  All I need is a ladder... and probably some lights.

Maybe, for laughs, I'll put up the lights this month just to make my neighbors wonder about me?  Red/white/blue for July, then maybe more festive colors for the actual holiday season.

Or should I wait for autumn and hang up fall colors?  Halloween lights (black & orange) in October?  Cinco de Mayo would have been fun - I could have hung empty Corona bottles with lights inside.  Ole!

Or maybe I'll choose a non-traditional method of decor.  I've been looking at the funniest Christmas decorations of all time and think I've found a winner:

The best part is the fact I'm out of practice.  And a little fearful of heights.  Balancing acts on ladders don't seem fun to me, but this house is perfect for decorating.  So many people had flags and banners up for the 4th, so Christmas lights seems like the least I can do.  I like this house, I like this neighborhood, so let's bond over decorating and other nonsense.

What does my peanut gallery think?  Tips on hanging lights?  Should I have fun and hang lights now?  Some people have Seasonal Trees (xmas trees, but decorated for other holidays as well), so maybe Seasonal Lighting isn't a bad idea?
Please Share it! :)

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