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Unsolicited Kid's Product Review: Kiwi Crate

I love online subscription services.  I have both Manpacks and the Dollar Shave Club, and am very happy with both services.

Minimal cost, good value, free shipping.  (plus, I love getting mail)  It's addictive.

Which is why I decided to sign my two boys up for a service for them.

(quick background:  I'm a long-distance dad, living 900 miles from my boys.  I call, write, and visit when I can.  Every 'touch point' I can create is valuable and keeps the bond strong.)

Kiwi Crate is a monthly delivery service for children.  You input the name, birth-date and gender of your child (or children) and the KC team designs and ships an age-appropriate box in their name.  Crafts, projects, toys/costumes, all following a different theme each month.  (This month's theme is 'Wonders of Water' - perfect for summertime!)

Space Exploration:  New themes every month
Since I have two boys and there is an age gap (5 and 7) I did the 'sibling add-on' to make sure there were things for both kids, and to make sure they both had activities they could do.  My 5er is advanced for his age (since he shadows big bro) but better too much than too little.

To see other crate themes, you can go to the sample crates section on their website.  Colors, dinosaurs, and more.

But take away the cool activities and the fact I'm doing it for my long-distance kids.... remember when you were a child?  Remember how cool it was to get something in the mail?  With your name on it?

I loved that feeling.  LOVED it.  And my kids are the same way.  They'll be getting this once a month, and it will mature as they do (again, always age appropriate).

If you have children or young relatives, give Kiwi Crate a look.  Prices start at under $20 a month ($16.95 to be exact) which means I have 4 less lattes a month.  Money well spent, to get them away from the TV or Jetpack Joyride, if only for a few hours...

In fact, I have a 6 year old nephew.  He may be getting a cool surprise in the mail next month.  (Why didn't I think of this before??)
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