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Beware the Bikes

Fun fact!  In most major metro areas, you cannot ride your bicycle on a sidewalk.

Another fun fact!  Idaho is not a major metro area.

It is not only a state law, but a local city law as well:  Riding your bike on the sidewalk is 100% legal in my current city.

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal to me, but it seems like more and more Idahoans are taking to two wheels, especially during summer months.

And you know how entitlement goes.  Bikers are supposed to yield the sidewalk to pedestrians when warranted, but 'the world revolves around me' therefore why would I?

I was walking downtown last week when a guy riding his bike almost ran over my wife and I.  He was going about 20, no helmet, and we were the assholes because we waited until the last minute to dive out of his way...

The sidewalks here are not wide... one bike rider is hard enough to navigate around... but what about a family?  More and more people are biking as a group, and of course they're on the sidewalks.

Why?  Because it's too dangerous to be on the street with all those cars...

Yet when a family of 4 is barreling down at you, you get to side-step into the street to avoid being hit.

Sense?  This makes very little....

Oh well, far be it for me to question this city's motives.  If anything, I should just hop on my own bike and terrorize some pedestrians of my own.  After all, when in Rome...
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