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POTUS with a Gun = Photoshop Fun!

In case you missed it, President Obama recently tried to relate to gun laws, mentioning he shoots skeet from time to time.

News stations and conservatives everywhere demanded proof.  "Where are the pictures?"  After a day or so, the White House released a photo from early 2012, showing President Obama with a shotgun.

Conservatives, never happy, started picking apart the picture.  His stance, his grip, is the smoke photoshopped?  Why is he almost level?

Conversely, the White House apparently issued a statement saying "This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House."

The internet's response?  DON'T TELL US WHAT TO DO!

Imgur, reddit and 4chan started creating shopped Obama images in droves.  Some offensive, some hilarious.

Okay, most of the 4chan ones were offensive, but no surprise there.

So... FBI.  I didn't do any of these, so don't hang me up by the balls.  But come on.  Fuck off.  This is funny...

Here is a shortlist of my favorites that have popped up so far:

Politically, I think it's stupid that the President has to prove himself before critics on a regular basis.  "Go out and jog, it's good for you!"  "Well, do YOU jog?  Let's see you in a tracksuit!" and so on.  

Why can he only talk about gun legislation if he himself is a gun owner and gun enthusiast?

Does that mean he can't consider marriage equality unless he becomes gay?

Or talk about marijuana reform unless he blazes up from time to time?

Don't talk about immigration unless you're Hecho en Mexico...

But politics is politics, and if the idiots demand you jump through your little hoop, jump you must...  Oh well.

That being said, I'd rather go out hunting with Obama than I would with Dick Cheney...
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7 witty retorts:

Leeanna said...

As long as Obama is in the White House the Republicans will never be happy about anything. They're like a bunch of mean mother-in-laws. Pick, pick, pick. Thought about adding an r.
Also thanks for the get well wishes hon. Wow you had the flu for four weeks??? Hope mine clears up fast. I'm in the coughing farts stage right now.

Jack Durish said...

It is funny how some think that no one could possibly disagree with the President for any reason other than spite. I am not a Republican or a member of any organized or disorganized political party. I have many well thought and considered reasons for disagreeing with this President. Also, I loved my mother-in-law dearly (just a point of reference). You will never have a reasonable discussion with anyone, persuade them of anything so long as you show such a disrespectful attitude with those who have legitimate disagreements.

Jack Durish said...

"Photoshop fun" Good caption. Actually, when I saw the basic photo of the President firing a shotgun, I said, "Ouch!" I'm sure that the photographer had him adjust his hand and arm position to maximize the photo itself. It could not have been the President's normal shooting stance.

Vinny C said...

Dear FBI:

I sincerely hope my hysterical laughter at those 'shopped images does not prompt you to track me down for the purposes of prosecution.

But I did laugh. HARD.

Brandon from said...

You do have to admit, though, that there are smart and stupid people on both sides of the political fence. For some reason, the stupid people find the spotlight (and the microphone) more often than the smart people...

I'm not 100% happy with Obama's first term. Policies passed, politics played, but it's not just him. I'm much more disgusted by our legislative branch than I am our executive...

Six-Fingered Monkey said...

Last line? Classic. I agree with you though, he shouldn't have to pander to such demands... but I'm psyched that he did.

Beth said...

Actually, Obama's former adviser David Plouffe goaded people into the photoshop fun. Please don't steer your readers wrong with incorrect "facts"!

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