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St. Patrick's Day FAIL

St. Patrick's Day is quickly approaching.  Along with Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo, St. Paddy's is one of the holy trinity of drinking holidays.

And personally, it's my favorite.  Green beer galore, as well as beautiful women wearing 'kiss me, I'm Irish' shirts?  I'm there.

In anticipation for this event, I went to twitter to show my love for this March holiday, as well as show my apprehension.

You see, there are a lot of idiots out there who don't know what the official food is for St. Patrick's Day.

As you and I know, it's corned beef & cabbage.  'Corned' as in peppercorned brisket.  Too many people out there call it 'corn beef & cabbage,' even though I've never seen corn served with the meal...

So I post this on twitter:

And then find a dozen or so idiots that have already made the mistake:

My head hurts from the massive amounts of fail, but I move on and go to sleep.

Then, the very next morning, I see THIS downtown:

It's like the gods are mocking me...  The famous North Hiway cafe strikes again.  They're famous for having the sign that reads "Home cook'n when your not home cook'n" so I expect no less from them.

Oh well.  I'm going to go get a head of cabbage, a can of creamed corn and a hamburger patty.  I'm going to celebrate early, and do it fail-style.  Who else wants some corn beef & cabbage??
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1 witty retorts:

Addman said...

I grew up eating corned beef, so naturally this offends my sensibilities. Can we protest until Twitter bans anyone who calls it Corn Beef?

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