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Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens

Super Bowl 47 went from a dull blowout, to a blackout, to a shootout in no time flat.  Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the game.

And congrats to the refs for keeping your flags in your pants for most of the game.  SO MANY BLOWN CALLS, on both sides of the ball.

I decided to live-tweet the game, the commercials and the fun.  If you'd like to read my 150+ tweets of absolute madness, you can go here.

There are a few good gems in there.  I got more retweets and stars during the Super Bowl than I did all of 2012...

And now, as a Carolina Panthers fan, I look forward to the 2013 Draft, the next season, and the dream of an NFC South title.
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3 witty retorts:

abeerfortheshower said...

I didn't really care who won either way, but I was glad to see the game pick up and actually get "exciting" during the second half. When it was heavily one sided, it was quite a yawn-fest.

Also, I loved the live coverage of the lights going out. Nothing beats listening to a bunch of sports analysts trying to "analyze" the power outage for 45 minutes.

Brandon from said...

I was waiting for The Undertaker's theme music to start up. It was a fun 2nd half of the game. Goodell was very pleased with the result.

According to Jewels said...

I didn't care either way except for the fact that I went to my sister's new place in the heart of Baltimore and feared for my car if they lost. Luckily they won, we flooded the streets, and I ended up getting to bed around 4 for a solid 2 hrs sleep before work today. It was pretty amazing being downtown there. As somebody who isn't a football fan that was the highlight.

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