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Local Business Spotlight: Rumbi is Dumbi

There is an 'island theme' restaurant chain in Idaho and Utah called Rumbi Island Grill.

What is island food?  Well you know, food served on the islands.  Hawaii, Bahamas, Jamaica, Polynesian areas, etc etc. Not just one island... all of them...

Anyway, Rumbi is basically a casual ricebowl and 'tropical' salad restaurant.  It's a la carte, and they gouge you up the ass with drinks.  A rice bowl dinner for two tops $20 most nights, and it's not really worth the price.

But that's not my rant.

My girlfriend likes this place, so we go.  Rumbi is running a special on the thing she likes.  Normally it's $8 for the entree and another $2 for the drink.  Tonight, it's $6.95 for both.

They still charge us full price.  Luckily, they take 25 minutes to serve us (even though the place was nearly empty) so I had plenty of time to catch the error.

I go back to the counter and point out the mistake  I'd like the $3 difference back.

...this takes two employees EIGHT minutes to figure out how to do it.

...yes, I timed them.  I did it more to make them sweat than for the three bucks.

Service was incredibly slow, their collective knowledge was laughable, and shortly after they served us, they had to inform other customers that 'oops' they ran out of rice.

Two hours before closing... a ricebowl restaurant... runs out of rice...


I just don't like the place.  They advertise on local radio stations, and the cadence of the narrator is seriously fucked up.

(paraphrasing here)  "You always get great food at Rumbi ... (awkward pause)  ...Island Grill."

"We don't just have fries, we have ... (pause) ...Sweet Potato fries!  RUMBI FRIES!  ... (pause again) Rumbi Island Grill..."

It's to the point where my girlfriend and I mock the pauses.  If something is ridiculously stupid, it's 'pause pause Island Grill.'

If you're in Utah or Idaho, avoid this place.  It's overpriced, the service is poor, and just plain dumb.  That is, unless you like being entertained by the goofiness...

...of Rumbi... Island Grill...
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Random Girl said...

That place sounds dreadful. And the commercials sound worse! They should pay you to eat there. I had a drive thru turned inside visit at Wendy's recently when it took 22 minutes for a grilled chicken sandwich. They are usually pretty cracker jack but that visit almost made me not ever want to go back. Bad service and crappy food just are not a winning combo

Chubby Chatterbox said...

We have a place like this here in Portland called Roxi's and they serve Island food. No atmosphere but the food is good, plentiful and cheap. I think the people behind the counter are stoned.

Powdered_Toast_Man said...

I will spread the word. Any other establishments I should avoid?

Brandon from said...

Unless you're driving to Yellowstone from the west, it's best to avoid Southeast Idaho altogether...

Brandon from said...

I'm pretty sure this is an LDS-owned business... so it'll never happen... but I think these employees would be much better stoned as well.

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