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Goodbye, 2012

2012... what a year.

Over a million page views and almost 250 posts.

I've made some new friends, and I've made a few enemies along the way...

I've talked about pet nutrition and cat orgasms.

About dinosaur buttsex and trolling the public.

About Winnie the Pooh-tater and, of course, MORMONS MORMONS MORMONS.

Yes, it's been a fun year indeed.

Thank you all for reading and putting up with my nonsense.  I started this blog when I was unemployed and new to Idaho.  Now, I barely have time to come up with new material.  I keep coming back because of YOU, the reader.

You keep me going.

You keep me dancing.

You keep me writing.

Thank you all, from the newest reader to the long-time follower.  To all of the RBSAUI crowd, and to those that don't even know what that means.

To past guest posters and to future guest posters (hint hint...).

Thanks a million (1.11 million, to be exact), and I am looking forward to an amazing, controversial and hilarious 2013.

I'll try not to disappoint.
Please Share it! :)

1 witty retorts:

Stephen Hayes said...

You never disappoint. Take care and wishing you nothing but the best in 2013.

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