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More Idaho Fails - 'Santa's Comeing'

Yes, once again Idaho does not disappoint with readerboard misspellings and errors.

This week's gaffe?  'Santa's Comeing.'

The best part of this picture was the story that resulted from me stopping and snapping this photo.

I park in the parking lot, get out, and start to take the picture.  A man comes out of Leo's Place (a local Chuck E Cheese wannabe) and stomps over to me.

"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?"

I point to the sign, after I'm done taking the picture:  "What do you think I'm doing?"  I'm grinning.

He looks at the sign, looks at me, and goes "Aww shit" and stomps away.

I'm laughing.  I yell to him "Don't forget to change it on both sides!" and he flips me off.

As of this morning, the sign has been fixed.

Just... beware on December 17th... Because Santa is comeing...

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11 witty retorts:

Molly said...

Hahaha, I saw a sign that was supposed to say "Coming Soon" in a store window once, but the person who wrote it spelled it "Comming". No joke! Idaho and Illinois must be quite alike! ;)

520 Transplant said...

The people of Idaho are, without a doubt, fighting a losing battle with the genitive plural as well. Snowbillies.

Girlie Blogger said...

LOL. Too funny. You just made me smile.

Insomniac's Dream said...

I love that he stormed out when he saw you with the camera!

Thank, Q said...

I can't believe that you find so many of those up there. That's nuts! At least the guy corrected it.

Who Woulda Thought? said...


Melanie said...

I take pictures of stuff like that ALL OF THE TIME and send it to friends. One lady had a "Confidential Shread" box. I actually took a red pen and crossed out the a after I took the picture.

Melanie said...

You silly! Now I know what you meant! That is too funny! How can you look at that and think, damn, I did good. I mean the misspelling just JUMPS out at me, but then again, I can spell. I love how pissed off he got too. Happy Holidays indeed! My response still stands at my place. HA!

The Six-Fingered Monkey said...


Brandon from said...

My guess is he wondered why someone would park all the way in the back of an empty parking lot and leave their car door open?

workingdan said...

Sure, the sign was misspelled but I have to wonder...Why did he come storming out to begin with? What was on his mind? Was he going to kick your ass for taking a picture...a picture in which you had every right to take? You should go back there and direct the guy to this blog post!

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