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The Sip n Dip - A Bar's Bar

I am in Great Falls Montana where I just found the bar to end all bars. Montana.

In 2003, GQ Magazine voted the Sip n Dip Lounge in Great Falls as the greatest bar in the world.  While not as cool as some of the Vegas clubs, this place is awesome.

The best part?  It's in a so-so hotel in a so-so part of town.  I think this just adds to the flavor.

Located inside the O'Hare Motor Inn in downtown(ish) Great Falls, the Sip n Dip is decked out in island decor.  They specialize in tropical drinks (including 'The Fishbowl' which is as big as a, well...)

...and Mermaids.

Yes, Mermaids.  This place has two chicks swimming around in a swimming pool, blowing kisses at the patrons and swimming through hoops underwater.

Pure cheese.  And I love it.

To add to the camp, meet Piano Pat on the electric organ:

It just gets better, doesn't it?  She reminds me of a piano dealer los angeles I used to know.

The food is mediocre and overpriced, so just go there for drinks.  The atmosphere is awesome, the fun factor is top-notch, and mermaids.


Although one was wearing a sequined bra instead of a bikini top.  A little odd...

If you are ever in Great Falls Montana (you poor fool) you need to go here.  If you are ever loaded with airline miles and want to blow them on something cool, you need to go here.   Celebrities frequent this place on a regular basis, so bring a camera (apparently Ron White was just here a few days ago...).

When you do come here, enjoy the fun.

Please Share it! :)

15 witty retorts:

Lady Estrogen said...

Umm, I'd call that a stroke of marketing genius. So kitschy - I LOVE IT.

Pickleope said...

There was a bar in Santa Barbara where I used to live called "Sharky's" that also had fishbowl sized drinks and a mermaid swimming behind the bar. I wonder which came first. But why are mermaids considered sexy? Do they at least have a blowhole? (Insert oral sex joke here) Who wants to have sex with a fish? Even part of a fish?

Zombie said...

That seems like one hell of a bar to go to!

The Management said...

BECAUSE MERMAIDS. sign me up. I think those girls have my dream job.

Stephen Hayes said...

Wow! You really have a thing for mermaids. We should all chip in and take you to a sushi bar.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Love Ron White and MERMAIDS! Awesome!

Amy said...

I never thought I HAD to go to Montana - BUT I HAVE TO GO TO MONTANA!! Thanks for letting me know! (send airfare)

Mynx said...

Love mermaids. Very cool sounding place (not that I think I will ever see it for myself)

Elsie said...

This bar sounds like a blast and something you'd find in NYC or LA, not Montana. How cool you found it!!

Thank, Q said...

Dude, mermaids? For real? That's pretty cool! I wish someone had something like that around here. I'd love just to see something like it. If they can do it in MT, then I know MS can find someone to play the role of a catfish or something, right?

Brandon Lostinidaho said...

Catfish you say?

Do you think a chick with whiskers can be sexy?

Thank, Q said...

As long as she has a booty on her.

Reanna said...

I was a "Splash" kid and took a few Lit classes, so I get the Mermaid thing... except that I don't. From what I can see, it's all fin, boys. Explain the sex physics to me, because I'm blonde enough to not quite get it.

Stephanie Dorman said...


LikeTheBird said...

I stayed there once in the 90's and my hubby was able to take our kids into that pool to swim. They were able to see into the bar too. We didn't see the mermaids though ;(

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