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Fun Alternatives to #SharkWeek

If you have basic cable and are a fan of the Discovery Channel, you are probably aware that this week is known to the masses as "Shark Week."

Yes, it's that time of year where we all spam Twitter with "OMG IT'S A SHARK" tweets with hashtags of #SharkWeek and #SharkWeek2012.

Nerds will fight over the most badass sharks, whether Killer Whales are tougher (Why hasn't a 'Shamu vs Jaws' movie been made yet??  SyFy, I'm looking at YOU...) and other things that, well, really don't matter.

Now here's the part where I alienate my readers.  I do this from time to time, but mostly when I talk religion or politics.  Now, I do it with sharks.

I'm not really a fan of sharks, and I don't watch Shark Week.


Yep, the secret it out.  I often look for Shark Week alternatives whenever I can.

Thanks to Conan O'Brien, this year I can be entertained by Shaq Week.  Could Shaquille O'Neal, in his black-irish awesomeness, take down a shark?

Probably not, but I bet he could dunk on one.  Maybe even outrap it.

And, I mean, come on.  Shazam?  SO much better than any shark movie out ther-- wait.  Nevermind.

So, thanks to Team Coco, I am offering some other alternatives to Shark Week (just in case you're not a fan of the Shaq Attack...)

How about, in honor of Game of Thrones, we do 'Stark Week?'

Or maybe snark week, where bloggers everywhere unleash their inner smartass and wreak havoc on the internets?

Oh wait, we do that every week don't we?

How about bark week, where we celebrate wood in all its woody glory?

Lastly, I'm a big SciFi nerd.  I love me some Star Trek.  What about...


What about you?  Are you a fan of Shark Week?  If not, what alternatives would you suggest?
Please Share it! :)

12 witty retorts:

Vanessa said...

I kind of like the idea of snark week. Who cares if we do it all the time, it would be guilt free snark. Almost like patriotic snark, or something.

Pickleope said...

Spark Week where we all pretend to read classic literature but only read the Sparks Notes version.
Fark Week where we mispronounce curse words in public.
Ark Week where we watch the first Indiana Jones movie and realize the titular character was completely unnecessary to the plot of the movie (he didn't prevent the Nazis from getting the Ark and didn't do anything to stop them from opening it, what the hell was he there for?).

Zombie said...

ah-ha!! I see what you did there you crafty bastard! Shaq week. lol.

Stephen Hayes said...

I am not a fan of Shark Week because I swim during the week at our local pool and when I watch anything about sharks I imagine them in the pool with me. In spite of my terror of sharks, I can only admire a design deemed so perfect by nature that it hasn't changed in 300 million years. Humans weren't even on the scene then. I also wish programs like Shark Week weren't around because they inspire the needless killing of sharks, and the oceans are in great need of them. Too many species of sharks are currently on endangered species lists.

Youngman Brown said...

I didn't get the Discovery Channel until this year, so I think I might partake in the festivities this year.

But I am DEFINITELY on board for Shaq Week.

Bart said...

why do ppl love shark week so much?

Anonymous said...

It's Shark Week again. Didn't it already pass? Anyway, sharks need braces. Can someone donate money for that? It won't be me, just someone.

Mynx said...

In some parts of our coastline it is Shark week every week.
And that is way I prefer not to swim in the ocean.
Those buggers bite

Adsila said...

I am up for a decent shark movie, but you won't see me swimming in the ocean among them.

Lady Estrogen said...

I would be down with Stark Week, for sure. 100% :)

Something Authorly said...

I find Shark Week annoying too. Mostly because of how proud people are of how into Shark Week they are.

And they don't hold a candle to a co-worker I had a few years ago who got a tattoo of a shark each year during Shark Week. When I knew him he had 7 sharks tattoed on him. It was a righteous waste of money.

Thank, Q said...

I watch it now and then, but would much prefer killer whales to get more coverage since they're actually more skilled in their hunting.

But, I'd go with "Lark Week!" We can have a full week dedicated to different Lark Voorhies cosmetic surgeries she's had and why she looks like a drunk at a Star Wars bar!

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