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Childhood Memories (and thievery)

Hi all...  Still dealing with dead-dad things, so updates and attention is sporadic at best.

99% of my family has been super-helpful, but 1 person is mucking things up to the point of utter frustration.  Ugh.

While rummaging through my dad's storage unit, I found a lot of things:

- Camping / fishing gear galore
- Old bills/papers/manuals going as far back as 1986
- 4 boxes of dirtymags (Playboys and others)
- And lots of photos and albums.

In the boxes of photos, I found my old baby book as well as my brother's.  There were pictures at the hospital, clipped locks of hair, lists of gifts from the baby showers, and this...

In my brother's book was a page listed 'first dollar' along with a story about Hawaiian's giving money to babies.

The money was missing.

Or taken.

I want to ask my parents about this... at what point were they a dollar short for something so vital that they'd pilfer from a baby book?

Maybe it just fell out, but knowing my parents that answer sounds too convenient...

I laughed.  I wonder if my brother will laugh as well...
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