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Burying Myself in Electronica

I'm still picking up the pieces from my dad's recent death, and trying to find my way back into a groove.  Maybe when I get all of his affair in order, some sanity will come back to my life?

Meanwhile, I'm grieving by keeping myself occupied.  I got a PS3 and 'check out' when I need an escape.  Skyrim, Madden, Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed... they are my way of getting lost for a few hours and letting the burden go away, if only for a short time.

PC gaming as well.  I've discovered Candy Crush Saga (pity me), and play poker online.

As for online poker, I'm better than I thought.  I don't put any money into it, but I'm good enough where I considered training for the poker WSOP for a moment.

Just a moment... I don't need another full-time obsession.  I blog (even though by my recent posts, you can't really tell), have a day-job, have a new wife, and am moving into a bigger home.

One more vice?  Yeah, don't have anywhere to fit it in.

But still... when I need an escape... to get away from the burden of my dad's death or my overwhelming work schedule... I have my vices, thanks to my devices.
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