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Be Safe This 4th of July

To my fellow Americans, happy Independence Day.  To everyone else, happy Wednesday (or Hump Day, as it were...)

On a normal 4th, I would be lighting off fireworks with friends and family, or at least watching someone else blow up their hard-earned money.

This 4th, however, I think I'm going to go fireworks free.  You see, there are over 25 fires burning within the territory I cover for work, and it worries me.

If one more fire starts, the western half of the US is just going to burn to cinders...

A map of fires currently burning in my area... (I'm surrounded!!)
A lot of areas in this 'fire zone' have put a freeze on fireworks for the public.  Some only in unincorporated areas, others have a county-wide ban.  It has been so dry lately that one errant spark could cause a major blaze.  Luckily, out of all the surrounding states, Idaho is the state with the least amount of fires.  Even though one is burning about 45 miles from my house, I'm not in 'OMGWEREGONNADIE' mode as much as people in Montana, Wyoming or Utah are...

If you're celebrating this year with fireworks, remember to be safe.  Or Smokey the Bear will git ya!

Here are some other fun facts about the 4th of July:

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A Daft Scots Lass said...

the picture is classic!

Utah L said...

That is mostly June, what will July and August bring!
We've had 2 wildland fires in the valley just last week.

Youngman Brown said...

I lit sparklers after a wedding last weekend and was paranoid that they would light the woods on fire. Fortunately it didn't but I waited for quite a while to make sure.

Happy 4th!

Lady Estrogen said...

Ahhhhhhhh, Smokey. We love Smokey too.

And I used to love watching the fireworks as a kid sitting out the back of my grandparent's place... but since I became a dog owner and then parent, I FUCKING HAATTTEEE THEM. said...

Oh, c'mon, fireworks are nothing to worry about! They're... OWWWW!!! MY THUMBS!

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. I really should read the newspaper more often.

Amy said...

I always thought that slogan put an awful lot of pressure on me. "Only *I* can prevent forest fires? Why me? I'm just a kid! Should I run around slapping cigarettes out of people's mouths? Please Smokey, pick someone else, I'm not up for this!"

Zombie said...

I like to call July 4th Will Smith day. He saved America and the world and we owe him our thanks.

Melanie said...

Those fires are scary. Lucky for us (?) we have had some insane thunderstorms. We are on day three.

Thank, Q said...

Those fires are really scary. I'd hate to have to evacuate my home not knowing if I'm going to see it again.

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