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New Jersey Licensed to Accept Real Money Online Poker

One of the very first US States whose Gaming Authorities have now got a framework in place that will allow them to license and regulated online Poker sites is New Jersey. This very well regarded and experienced Gaming Authority have been inviting applicants to apply and show their interest in obtaining one of their new online Poker licenses and as such many such Poker sites have been doing just that. As published in this article by Tim Glocks you can find the list of poker sites that has New Jersey poker license.

It is a brave new and very exciting environment the online Poker world, and it has taken an absolute age for New Jersey to have the necessary checks and double checks in place to allow them to be able to furnish an online Poker license and regulatory framework to companies seeking one of them.

Many online Poker sites have been linking up with land based gaming groups who are already license holders for their respective land based operations in New Jersey as this has allowed them to merge their online operations with some of the most recognisable and well known established and more importantly trusted land based gambling groups

Poker Sites Applying for a New Jersey Online Poker License

Below you will find a group of online Poker sites who have shown an interest in applying for a online Poker license from the US State of New Jersey, as you will see as you look through this list these are some of the longest established online Poker sites who have the experience to guarantee US based online Poker players are going to have no problems what so every playing Poker in a real money environment at their respective Poker sites.

Poker Stars – Whilst Poker Stars have been always a forward thinking company, they did have to do a deal with the US Authorities recently in regards to their previous form in regards to allowing US based players to play at their Poker site. However they have now had the slate wiped clean and as far as the US Government are concerned they are good to go in regards to applying for any US State online Poker license, the first one of which they have applied for is one from New Jersey!

B Win – Another huge online based gambling company who are hoping to offer more and more US based Poker players the ultimate Poker playing experience thanks to them being granted a New Jersey online Poker license is Bwin. Having obtained gambling licenses in many different licensing jurisdictions throughout the world, they truly know what players look for and demand from an online Poker site and always deliver the goods.

Certified Gaming – It is probably no surprise to many online Poker players to discover that Ultimate Gaming have put in an application and have shown a real desire to become one of the very first holders of a New Jersey online Poker license. Their online Poker platform has proved to be very reliable and robust and it is to be expected that they breeze through the licensing process and will soon be offering more and more US based Poker players a place where they can have an unsurpassed online Poker playing experience.
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