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I Miss Writing

It has been almost a year since my family and I moved back from Idaho to California.

Since this blog was about adjusting to Idaho (among other nonsensical things) it is now more-or-less obsolete.

But, as this page nears 2.5 million page views (and the web hosting is getting close to renewal/expiration) I have been thinking a lot about writing.

I love to write.  I feel like I have a story to tell, and judging by the millions of page views, people seem interested enough in what I have to say.

So... oh faithful peanut gallery... if you're still here, what do I do?  Where do I go from here?

Restart a blog, and just be another 'day in the life' writer?  Freelance for other writing groups as a contributor?  I was close to doing that for a webpage called Manderstanding but it has all but died in the last 6 months.

What does a writer do, when there is nowhere to write?
Please Share it! :)

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