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9/7/14 Review - Need a Spare Pair of Glasses?

 If you wear glasses, you've been there.

Your specs go missing.  Or they break.  Or, like me, your German Shepherd decides to high-five your face and chips one of the lenses.

You need your 'emergency specs.'  Do you have a spare pair?

If you need extra prescription glasses, I highly recommend  Ordering from them was quick, mostly easy, and I received my glasses in the mail 10 days after I placed my order.

Each pair will arrive in a hard plastic glasses-case with a microfiber cleaning cloth.  While the fit wasn't perfect, you can take your glasses to any mall eye-store for a free adjustment.  (They don't care where you got the glasses, they just want to try and sell you things while you wait.)

When ordering glasses online, there are a few things you need to know.  First being your PD, or pupil distance.  This should be on your prescription, and is very important when choosing frames.

Each frame will give a 'PD Range' as well as measurements for lens width/height and frame width/height/length.  If you're trying to get a similar-fitting pair when compared to existing frames, measure your current specs.

This is probably the most important step, if you want the frames to fit your face perfectly.

I would also recommend the 'try it on' feature, but it seems to be a little choppy.  I tried it, and the frames weren't fitting my face properly.  I don't think it asks enough questions before it starts putting frames on your face, so it's best to read the dimensions to determine size and fit.

Overall, was easy to use, had a good selection of frames in my style, and had fair prices.  You can easily get two pairs of glasses for $100 or less, while looking like you didn't spend under $100.

Two things I especially liked about the shopping experience:

- If I wasn't completely satisfied (which I am), I could return everything for a refund/exchange within 45 days.

- I get to offer my readers a discount on their order.  If you use the code GSBrandon on checkout, you get 20% off your entire purchase.

(Note: Using that referral code does not help me at all.  I get no commission for sales, just a discount for you for being an awesome Idahomie.)

Best of all, I was able to try a pair of sunglasses I normally wouldn't buy.  They're Carolina Black & Blue, so I can support my Panthers in style this NFL Season.

What do you think?
Whether you're shopping for new glasses, replacement glasses or spare specs, give a look.  Enjoy the 20%, and let me know what you think of the site.
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