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Motorcycle Season

Idaho's 'summer' season is fairly short.  It finally warms up in May, and by September you're already in coats and preparing for below-freezing temperatures.

So when it's warm out, motorcycle owners take full advantage of the nice weather.

...much to my dismay...

I just moved within town, and was glad to get away from my old neighbors.  They owned his-and-hers Harleys, and would spend hours tuning up the bikes in their yard, revving it up, and annoying the shit out of everyone within earshot.  Once the bikes were sufficiently warmed up (usually 45 minutes of VROOOM!!!) they'd go out and ride all day.  They would start their engines at 7am, leave around 8, and return home around 11pm.  Every. Fucking. Day.

Just as you'd get settled into bed and 90% asleep, they come roaring home.  One last blast of the throttle to make sure everything is in working order, and nobody is asleep yet.

This clip of South Park sums it up fairly well:

'Fag' is a strong word, but I like the way South Park played this episode.  Motorcyclists, especially Harley riders, are more annoying than they are 'badass.'

So, now, moved into my new place, I was a little miffed when I heard the roaring of the pipes once more.  Turns out another neighbor, one street up, has a Harley.  He at least gets home between 9 and 10, but again...  Every. Fucking. Night.

I used to want a motorcycle.  The freedom, the good mileage, and the power attracted me.  But I'm not an asshole and prefer a mode of transportation that runs without everyone having to hear it.  I'll never buy a diesel truck, and I'll never buy a Harley.

Loud pipes save lives?  Maybe on the road, but in my neighborhood it only makes most of us want to kill you....
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