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Pothole Season

Not wabbit season...

Not duck season...

It's pothole season in Idaho.

As the snow begins to melt and the temperatures spend more time above freezing than below, the potholes come out to play.

Idaho has four seasons, but no spring.  Pothole season lasts from March until May, sometimes longer.

It definitely makes for some fun driving.  Cars swerving to avoid holes in the road... Repair shops making BANK with alignments or tire blowouts... And of course, the loud GA-DOONK as you hit a 6" pothole because you were too busy texting instead of paying attention to the road.

Because of the melting snow, puddles are everywhere.  You can never tell if you're about to drive over a harmless puddle or dive down the rabbit hole until you take that risk.

...or watch the person in front of you go first... either they glide over or disappear...

The only bright side I can think of is Idaho construction is on top of this shit.  Potholes are few and far between in California, but they take months to repair.  In Idaho, days (if that).  We prep for pothole season and patch things up quicker than you can blink.

But as soon as you fill one up, another appears.  It's like whack-a-mole in reverse... the holes are after YOU.
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