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Blogging? Ain't Nobody Got Time fo Dat

I'm in Arizona, 1,000 miles from home.

Both for business and personal reasons.

One of my top customers is opening up a store in the middle of nowhere, so I'm helping make my product look good before they open.

And my dad died last week, so instead of coupling this business trip with some family time and fence-mending with pop, I'm taking care of his personal belongings and starting the long process of getting his assets in order.

And you know the rule.  When someone dies, there always has to be some fight about the money.  It doesn't matter if the deceased leaves an amount equal to a Lottery Jackpot or a #6 at McDonald's, here's always some squabbling involved.

So... Blogging?  Sorry, but I don't have the time.

Because of that, I leave you this song.  I hope it entertains, and I'll try to pump out something more 'of value' in the near future.

Love and mush,

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