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Practicing Abstinence, I'm not a born-again virgin.

But I do have a baby (under 12mo) at home, so yeah, I guess I pretty much am...

For this post, I'm talking about Fantasty Football.  Last year I was in 6 leagues.  The season before, 4.  I'm usually in the top half of all my leagues, with 2-3 of them playing for a Top 3 spot.

...but I'm tired.  And I'd rather just watch and enjoy the game instead of fretting over individual player statistics.

This 2015 season, I'm going to be fantasy abstinent.  This means I won't be defending my championship in 2 leagues, but oh well.  I could use the break.

(That, and I'm planning on going to an actual game or two.  ...something I haven't done since the early 90s when the Rams were in Anaheim)
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