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Make Money Blogging with The Shower Blog

I love to write.  I love money.  And I love winning contests.  Which is why I am thinking about entering the monthly writing contest at The Shower Blog, a new site designed for writers.

The rules are simple.  Sign up for an account, choose from a list of topics and write the best article possible.  You can write multiple posts on multiple topics to increase your odds of winning.

For those of you who remember Dude Write, the premise is somewhat similar, but instead of weekly it's monthly, and instead of winning 'Man Cards' you actually win money.

And as much as I love my collection of Man Cards, I also appreciate a stack of Andrew Jacksons in my wallet.

You can find the rules for the current contest here.  April winners will be announced on the 25th, and May submissions will start on the first.  You can view the latest showerblog posts to get an idea of current writing styles.

And, if you're like me and think you can do better, sign up and show your stuff.  First place gets $50, and who doesn't like money?

So, in a way, I'm back.  Sort of.

This page may or may not have posts sporadically, but I will continue to write.  I'll dabble here and there, and will let you know about my articles on twitter (are you following me on twitter??).
Please Share it! :)

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